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With globalisation it gets increasingly more difficult to buy souvenirs because a lot of what you can buy overseas you can also get in Singapore lol (albeit at a higher price).

But these are what I brought back this time! Quite a lot more accidentally-vegan things than the previous time I was back. (Intentionally-vegan things are expensive :x ) Doesn't look like much but I brought back about 4 of each item hahaha. Here are my comments on some of them:

Arnotts biscuits (Lemon Crisp, Choc Ripple, Ginger Nut): I wasn't sure if they sold these in Singapore but YES THEY DO. Oh well. They taste quite nice dunked in soymilk.

Broccoli: Not pictured but I brought 3 bunches back on Mum's request since fresh produce in Australia are cheap and good haha. It's not uncommon - my friend's mum brought back a carton of peaches!!

Burger Rings: It doesn't look vegan (the back says contains milk but it doesn't actually) but a list of vegan snacks circulating around vegan Brisbane groups show that it is! In the comments people said that these were the first taste it didn't taste amazing (it doesn't taste like a burger???) to me but then the next time I ate it I finished the whole bag hehe

Candied ginger: Idk why Mum asks me to get them here but this is something I always buy back.

Clif bars: They're cheaper here, 5 for $10 when it's on sale at The Cruelty Free Shop!

Crumpets: They don't sell these in Singapore right? It's like something people eat like bread for breakfast. It can be toasted and you can add spreads onto it. My mum steamed them and they were kinda like min jiang kueh hahaha but they're really soft and fluffy this way! Also it's fat free. It expires quite quickly but they freeze well.

Cup a Soup: Somehow it seemed like a good idea when I bought it. $1 a box when it was on sale.

Glitter jelly: It's from the Aeroplane brand and it's unlike their usual jelly because this doesn't have gelatine! Also it's pink and actually glittery and people says it tastes nice. I've yet to try it though haha

Kewpie 'Egg Care' Mayo: This is delicious and can't be found in Singapore. Also quite compact which makes it easy to stuff into the luggage!

Leda Choculence: Vegan timtams ^^

Sour Patch Kids: Probably the only Sour Patch gummy that's vegan I think.

Sukin: You can find them at Watsons but of course they're cheaper at Chemist Warehouse :)

VeganEgg: They're much more affordable here! Bought when it was half price so it was about A$8. More about it in this post.

Walnuts: When you don't know what to get for your relatives nuts are a great option (if you don't mind the weight). People seem to think that they're really cheap here

Oh and previously I bought Vego bars for people too :) In addition to these I also brought back corn thins and crisp bread because they're like half the price here. Similarly, my friend brings back oats because they're cheaper here! When I graduate and go back to Singapore for good I needa lug back a lot of foodstuff & Sukin hahaha

A gif since this post lacks photos:

Uni has begun ugh this semester is gonna be tough

Mum got some Japanese products from an online mart and here are some of them!

~Curry & VeganEgg~
I cooked the instant curry packs with Japanese cabbage (also bought from the online store) and other veggies. The rice is made with the red beans which made it quite savoury and delicious! Stuffed some of the rice into inari pockets too. The soup is made with instant soup sachets (3rd item from left in the first photo) which didn't really taste like much other than salt. So we added frozen pumpkin..and cooked it with beansprouts and other veg after this photo was taken! And of course there's natto!

I was rushing to take this photo because it was 7pm and the sun was going to set! This took a whole lot of editing too because the photo turned out very dark ^^;

I bought this back from Brisbane and it was my first time trying it! It smelled really eggy when mixing, and it sizzled just like an egg when cooking. But it wasn't really sulfur-y enough after cooking, so it could do with some black salt! It's pretty interesting to cook though! I made it into an omelette and a scramble. For a scramble, I'd prefer the texture of a tofu scramble a bit more, but for an omelette the VeganEgg made it quite easy! We had it with Japanese ketchup which actually tastes different from what I'm used to (in a good way)?? It's more tomato-y and more like Campbell tomato soup lol

~Red bean bread & Banana milk~
I mixed in the whole pack of sweet red bean paste (last item of first row) into this loaf! You can't tell it's red bean from looking though haha

I had it with Provamel banana soymilk which I also brought back from Brisbane! It's been super long since I've had banana milk! This was kinda sweet but the banana didn't taste fake :)

A day before I flew back to Brisbane I found this at Bigbox! This Vegemil banana soy drink is vegan (the other Vegemil drink isn't because it has vitamin D) and it's cheaper than the Provamel one too! I think this was $4 for 6 packs?

~DIY Tofu~
Another Japanese product Mum got was this - looks like regular soymilk but it comes with a little sachet of liquid to turn it into tofu!

All we had to do is to mix the soymilk with the sachet (nigari - magnesium chloride), microwave it for 4 minutes and it's done!

By the way this soymilk tastes quite odd and it's not something I'd like to drink lol. It says it has at least 12% soy beans.

It looks the same after microwaving but it's solidified

Added some dark soy sauce and sesame oil!

It was delicious!!! This was ~S$8 though. Idk what it's called in English but it's 北の大豆無調整豆乳. Quite expensive but it was a fun experience! Seems much cheaper in Japan so I guess it'll make a nice souvenir.

When I went to Tokyo a few years back it was difficult to find food souvenirs because so many of them have dairy/egg/bonito/fish essence/honey :(

This pack of chips weren't exciting but it's nice that it wasn't overly salty.


This was easily the best buy out of all the products! Looks like a regular rice cracker snack but it's coated with soybean flour (kinako) which somehow made it taste like peanut butter?!

It's called Funwari Meijin Roasted Soy Flour Mochi. Okay now I know what to look for the next time I go to Japan!!
Herbivore Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant
The last time I ate here was probably 4 years ago and I thought it was pretty expensive. But I guess as a restaurant this is the kinda price! Some items aren't vegan but the waitress was able to clearly state which items were vegan/veganisable.

We had the Unagi Maki ($14) (w/o mayo bc they still don't have vegan mayo :/ ), Spicy Ramen Set ($18) and Hot ChaSoba ($9). With GST and service charge this was about $48. The unagi maki and spicy ramen were delicious - I drank a lot of the ramen broth heh. The dumplings and chasoba weren't exceptional though.

Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road #01-13/14 Singapore 188979
Open daily 11.30am-10pm (we were there for a late lunch and we just made it for the last order since they close for a break at 3pm if I'm not wrong)

Lunched here with my parents and grandma! This is the branch at Liat Towers and we've been here a couple of times before.

This is the Hot and Sour Soup ($8). This is a single serving but we shared it amongst the four of us lol. A nice level of spice but I won't be able to finish one serve by myself.

Deep-fried Seaweed Yam Roll ($16). It's like sushi but with yam instead of rice. The salad in the middle provided a refreshing balance!

Stir-fried Eggplant with 'Gan Xiang' Sauce ($16). It looks much more brown than the photo on the menu haha. It was nicely spicy! I didn't know what gan xiang sauce was but I've just Googled and it's what dry chili crab is cooked in apparently. 

Abacus Seeds with White Pepper Sauce served with Crispy Sweet Potato ($18). It was here that I realised that I love abacus omg (that's why I also had it at Sunny Choice). The sweet potato part was delicious too! It's the orange sweet potato variety and it was pretty sweet. This looks nicer than on the menu actually - the fried sweet potato teardrop shape was made so well! 

Fragrant Mushroom Tea ($22). This was much needed after all the fried dishes. As the name suggests it's chock-full of mushrooms! I think my Dad can cook something similar though LOL. If you order this it might be easier if you ask for the king oyster mushrooms to be cut smaller - they were in huge chunks which made it difficult to eat.

At the end of the meal we were told that the menu is new and had just been released for a week (if I remember correctly). The food portions were pretty reasonable (except the yam roll seems kinda pricey) and we dabao-ed leftovers for dinner! Overall food was good but we'll probably order less fried things next time haha

541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers #05-01, Singapore 238881
Open daily
Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm

Cafes & Western food:

Smoocht is run by Brownice and it's a new outlet near Chinese Garden MRT! The interior of the cafe is really spacious and it seems like it's gonna be a co-working space too? Maybe that's why the name is different?

There are many available flavours of ice cream! Idk how it compares to the other Brownice stores though, I've not been there in ages.

We were there within the first month of opening so they had 1-for-1 for ice cream and drinks!! :) (It's over now but at the moment they still have weekday promos.) I don't think I've ever ordered a drink at Brownice before actually haha

We had the matcha waffle with passion a-go-go and pink n yellow, BBQ chicken pizza ($15), hot chocolate and iced cappuccino. I didn't keep the receipt but I think this added up to a little over $30 with the promo: ~$10 for the waffle and ice cream and ~$5 for the drinks. What I was most looking forward to here was the matcha waffle - and it didn't disappoint! I love their regular waffle but I like that there's another choice now. (Idk if they have it at the other stores?) It's not overpoweringly grassy but the matcha taste is still there. Also it adds green to the photo and that's a big plus hahaha

319 Jurong East St 31 #01-58
Singapore 600319 
Sun-Thur: 12pm-9pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-9.30pm


I've not been here in maybe 3 years+? It's super out of the way for me to travel here but Mum signed us up for 2 trial yoga classes at I12 Katong so that we had a reason to go to the East LOL. We shared the Char-grilled Satay ($9.90) and Avocado Beetroot ($9.90) burgers, both as a set (+$3.90 each). Since I paid we received a student discount of 15% off the bill. I just Googled and I realised that it's because just nice we were there between 2-5pm on a weekday yay! 

The fries are seaweed fries but as you can see they aren't particularly seaweed-y. For the burgers I think there could be a bit more satay sauce/avocado but other than that I loved it! The bread was really nice - it's like more substantial and less airy than regular burger buns :)

Btw the grass in the photo is plastic grass on the bench I was sitting on which was itchy bc I was wearing shorts lolol all for the 'gram

44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
Open daily 11.30am-10pm
Loving Hut
Met Jaslyn (jaslyngoh on Instagram) here for dinner! I've been here several times but there's still lots from the menu that I've yet to try! I had the pesto pasta this time (since pesto is often not vegan) and it was surprisingly green wow. It's probably because of the spinach though and the taste of herbs wasn't too much. I liked how creamy it was!

229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01 Singapore 427489
Open daily 11.30am-9.30pm

Hawker centre/food court food:

33 Vegetarian
Mum & I went all the way to Ang Moh Kio (took us an hour) just to eat here haha

33 Vegetarian specialises in veg chicken rice!!

They have so many options but we decided to get the set meal (A) and the steamed 'chicken' rice (C).

The set meal (A) costs $6.80 and comes with steamed chicken, roasted chicken, stir fried veg, achar and radish soup. The steamed chicken rice (C) costs just $3!

What made me want to eat here was the steamed 'chicken' - I first saw a post on this from cq_veggiefinds on Instagram and the steamed 'chicken' was intriguing because I've only had the roasted kind (made of taukee) before!

I really like that the set comes in this style haha! My only dislike here is that the veggies were too oily. The chili was pretty interesting - it was sour and lime-y. Pretty nice especially since it makes up for the flavour lost when omitting onion and garlic! 

33 Vegetarian
#01-33, 409A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 561409
Mon 11am-8pm
Tue 11am-6pm
Thur-Sun 11am-8pm

Circuit Road Hawker Centre
My first time at this hawker centre and maybe about half of the stalls here are veg! We were there for lunch which wasn't really the best time to go since several veg stalls like Victor Veggie weren't open yet. I can't remember the stalls we ordered these from or the prices oops. We had tauhu goreng, fried carrot cake (no egg), dry noodles and chicken rice. And soy chendol drink from Soygood which was pretty nice - they said they don't use milk. The rest of the food was pretty average.. Next time I eat here I'll make sure to go for dinner.

Circuit Road Food Centre
79A Circuit Rd Singapore 371079 

T1 Staff Canteen
Ate here for my last meal in SG and it's at Basement 1 of Terminal 1 (take a lift down from behind the AirAsia check-in counters). Dad brought us here because he had eaten a veg chicken rice here before lol (not that I really wanted more chicken rice). But since then the veg stall has been replaced by another veg stall.. and it was closing when we arrived. So I just had chwee kueh and chee cheong fun from another stall! I've actually been looking around hawker centres for chwee kueh but most don't have it, especially the veg kind where they don't cook the chye poh with lard. This wasn't as fluffy as I'd like but it was something!

When I was in Singapore for a couple of weeks I went out to eat so often with my family and friends that I was sick of eating out in the last few days lol ^^; But now that I'm back in Brisbane I miss it!

Feels like I ate out so much more often in SG in the 2.5 weeks than 1.5 years in BNE hahaha. So I'm doing these posts in the travel format that because going back to SG definitely felt like a vacation! 

I guess the theme of this post is local food... cafes(?)

Green Dot
The first outside food I had was at Green Dot at Star Vista! The mushroom hotpot set ($35.90) was kinda pricey and maybe the bento set that others were eating was more worth it? We had the laksa base which is the only vegan one - it was quite rich! When they refilled the laksa soup we got a lot more taupok than we were initially served. The sesame rice (the one that looks white) tastes just like chicken rice and it was so yummy! Rice portion is kinda small though :( Also the cabbage stem pieces in the laksa soup were way too big which made it hard to eat. Next time I'll just stick to the bento sets haha

Greendot @ Star Vista 
1 Vista Exchange Green Star Vista #01-33, Singapore 138617
Open daily 11am-10pm

VegCafe is fully vegan and their food is quite affordable! We shared Spaghetti Mee Rebus ($7.90), Sambal Tempeh Rice ($8.90), Rojak ($5.50) and Avocado Soya Smoothie ($6.00). My fave here would be the mee rebus - usually I don't like it because the soup is so slimy but this wasn't as slimy haha. Also spaghetti is a surprisingly good replacement for yellow noodles!

73 Circular Rd, #01-01, Singapore 049427
Mon-Thurs 10.30am-9pm
Fri-Sat 10.30am-10pm

Sunny Choice 
Sunny Choice has been around for years but it's my first time there! We ate at the Bukit Merah branch which is near IKEA Alexandra. We had Thunder Tea Rice ($8.50), Bibimbap ($8.50), Abacus ($7.00), Vegetable Sushi ($7.00) and Super C Rosella drink ($3.50). The thunder tea rice soup is much thicker than any I've ever had before! The sauce with the veggie sushi is wasabi mixed with water, which sounds odd but it made it easier to dip. I loved the abacus the most omg it was so soft and chewy!!

Block 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-158, Singapore 150125
Open Mon-Sat 10am-3pm
Haven't posted in super long because I was so busy with uni! Went back to Singapore for a couple of weeks during Winter break and made an impromptu trip to JB from 2-3 July (Sunday-Monday). There are some vegan eateries and lotsa nice cafes in JB but since it was a family trip we didn't go to any of them. Mum & I were there for about 24 hours while my aunt and her friend stayed a few hours more and went to a night market!

(lol I just needed a cover photo)

We just went to City Square mall and KSL mall haha. It seems like there used to be vegetarian eateries in these malls which have since closed down? So we just ate at non-vegan places with vegan options! Several places really don't have anything remotely vegan so we settled for these places:

Arashi Shabu-shabu (City Square mall)

It's at the basement of the mall and we went there for our first meal! I guess this place is supposed to be Japanese(-inspired?) but it didn't seem like it at all haha. They have 3 pages of 'vegan' items in their menu but I'm pretty sure that they think that vegan is just a short form of vegetarian. So make sure to confirm with them that what you order has no dairy or egg!

It's supposed to be individual sets but Mum & I shared the Stuffed Tofu Shabu Shabu set (RM21.90) + 1 rice since we were going to snack later haha. We got a confirmation from our waiter that it didn't contain dairy or egg (he checked with the kitchen) but I suggest you check again lol. Not that it tasted like dairy or egg but the answer was slightly uncertain ^^; The safest would be the Healthy Mushroom Shabu set which has no mock meat!

There was 6% GST and 10% service charge but it was just about S$5 each since we shared hehe.

Sushi King (KSL mall)

This is a chain outlet so I guess you can find this in many malls! Like Arashi, this has very un-authentic Japanese food haha. Their menu states the allergens for all items which is pretty handy - without that I wouldn't have known that many non-meat items (eg. soba/udon sauce) has fish! 

So I had 4 plates inari sushi (RM3 each) and a mushroom salad (RM10.80) with the egg separated and without the sauce (it was a sesame sauce which looked like it had dairy). They don't have sushi that's normally vegan - like those plain cucumber or avocado ones - but I love inari so I didn't mind! This is also subjected to the 6% and 10%.

Auntie Anne's
This is at both City Square and KSL and probably many other malls. I googled for vegan options and it seems like many of the Specialty pretzels are vegan if you ask for no butter, but they said they can only do the Original (RM3.50) without butter. So that's what we had (without salt too) and it was guuuud

Gong Cha

I rarely drink bubble tea but since they're gone from Singapore at the moment and it's much cheaper in JB I had a 0% sugar roselle tea with ai-yu jelly (RM7.50). It was great! ^^

We stayed at Grand BlueWave hotel which had a hotel breakfast! The hotel was pretty okay - at first we had a large suite(?) room but it had mosquitoes and a smoking smell (though it was a non-smoking floor) so we switched to another room. The pillows were really flat and un-fluffy (though to Mum they were too high lolol) so I hardly slept - luckily it was just a night! 

The shopping was not bad though! Maybe next time when I'm back I'll try the veg eateries there!

In my previous post on Kitchen Appliances I talked about the Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker which I bought secondhand from Carousell for $150.

I used more or less the same recipe for my bread each time, and did the SOFT course (3 hours) or QUICK with Light Crust (1 hour 53 minutes). I mostly bake at night so this collage above has such horrible lighting lol

I baked almost every other day in January! The loaf is supposed to be 1 pound I think, and for a family of 3 it lasts like 2 days.. most of the eating was by me though haha I LOVE BREAD

So I bake bread at night, and eat the warm, toasty & crispy crusts (and maybe one or two more slices :x ) as supper! Freshly baked crusts are the best!!!

This is random but if you see the 28th of Jan (first day of CNY) this wild parrot came to visit lol

The breadmaker comes with a comprehensive recipe/instruction booklet.

For Basic Bread (Soft Course) the recipe is :
3/4 cup water
2 cups bread flour
2 tbsp all purpose flour
1 1/2 tbsp sugar
2 1/2 tbsp dry milk
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tbsp butter
1 tsp active dry yeast

I modified the recipe and used this:
3/4 cup water/unsweetened soymilk/fruit juice*
1 cup spelt flour/wholemeal flour
1 cup bread flour
2 tbsp spelt/bread flour
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 - 3/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 - 2 tbsp vegan butter/peanut butter^
1 heaping tsp active dry yeast
Optional: 1-2 tbsp chia seeds"/cocoa powder/matcha powder etc
Optional (after beep): ~1/3 cup dried fruit/nuts/vegan bakkwa bits

*I use fruit juice if making bread with added dried fruit or chia seeds; I use room temperature or slightly warm liquid because I think it might help with rising

^The vegan butter I used is the Naturel vegan margarine; I swapped to using crunchy Mayver's peanut butter because I had to finish a jar and it turned out pretty good (and it's also less processed)! Vegetable oil also works if you don't have either.

"Nuts & seeds are recommended to be added after the beep so they don't damage and scratch the non-stick pan (after 30 min for SOFT and after 20 min for QUICK) but I like to add chia seeds directly to the liquid so they can soak and expand.

Even when I don't need to add anything at the beep, I'll check for 2 things:
1) None of the ingredients are stuck to the sides of the tin. Sometimes the peanut butter is stuck and I'll use a spatula to push it down.
2) Whether the glass panel on the lid is steamy. If there's a lot of moisture on the lid I'll add about 2-3 tsp more flour.

I don't think it's absolutely necessary to do these though!

There's a timer function available (so that you can start the bread making process a few hours later and wake up to freshly baked bread) but I think you need to be careful with the yeast. I did it once before and the bread didn't rise well, probably because the flour 'cracks' and the yeast falls into the liquid below and has lost it's active-ness by the time it starts baking? That's my theory lol. I think it's okay if you add more yeast when you're setting a timer - I did that and it turned out fine!

Blurry boomerang screenshot but I chanced upon a great deal at Mustafa (which I thought was closing down but apparently not??) - $1 bags of Bob's Red Mill flour! I used both spelt and graham flour and I think graham flour is a bit heavier and doesn't rise as well, but the difference is quite slight. Graham flour also adds more nutty fragrance to the bread, while comparatively spelt flour is more neutral.

This is about the highest my bread rises - almost reaches the lid! I think the key to a airy, well-risen loaf is more yeast and more sugar! If you use plain flour instead of spelt/wholemeal it rises more too.

After baking, the bread should be cooled so it's easier to cut and the crust doesn't separate from the inner part of the bread while slicing (you can see it in some photos in the collage lol because it was late and I wanted to sleep already)

If this breadmaker could slice bread too that'll be fantastic 

My triceps get tired from slicing LOL especially when I slice up to 12 thin slices. This loaf was sliced by Mum haha - the slices were really thick! The softer the bread the harder it is to slice ^^;

Now that I'm not in Singapore, Mum occasionally bakes bread I think ^^ Ah I miss eating homemade bread! When I'm back I'd also like to try making cookie dough/cake/pizza dough/jam with the breadmaker

Week 2 of school starts tomorrow and I'm not ready to be productive yet T.T

I hope you'll have a great week ahead!!