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The Month of June

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I think I'll start to do this end-of-the-month post so that I'll actually remember things. This month was quite eventful!

On the 12th of June, I started this blog! Thanks so much for visiting ♡ ♡ ♡ I hope you like my recipes! Let me know if you've got any requests for posts. I hope this font isn't uncomfortable to read :X

I also went for my first vegan potluck and got to know so many new people!! It was great ☺

And if you've seen my 10 Things on Instagram, I've mentioned that I've never cut myself before. Well that's invalid now! ☹ I was cutting (sawing?) an eggplant with a blunt knife and accidentely cut my right index finger. Actually the cut was tiny and didn't hurt much. But I half-fainted (I also half-fainted when I took my first blood test :x ) probably our of panic and fear. (Losing blood unnaturally is scary) Luckily at that time Dad came back and helped my to plaster my finger, sharpen the knife and chop up the rest of the eggplant. ♡ Mum called it 'an initiation ritual to cooking' LOL and that she's cut herself many times before :O I never want to cut myself again ahh. I'll be extra careful now!

I've also started doing dry skin brushing! It felt painful at first but now I quite enjoy it. I'll probably do a post about this another time ☺

And I've contined doing Bikram Yoga after stopping for a couple of weeks during the exam period.I can't really tell if I'm improving yet, but I feel that my neck is more flexible and stronger! I'll do a post about this too.

I watched a documentary on Why Are Thin People Not Fat and it really got me thinking.  In the documentary, a group of people were told to eat a huge amount of kcalories a day and restrict physical activity (5000 steps a day) the their weight gain was monitored. It made me realise that our bodies are smart enough to maintain our weight even though we eat more (or less)! Okay this sounds bad if you want to gain or lose weight, but it's good if you're like me and would like to maintain weight. Hmm. Maybe I'm not saying this right. But it gives me a peace of mind to trust my body to have a weight it wants as long as I feed it well and have moderate physical activity. Okay, maybe this still doesnt't make sense. This just makes me worry less about weight gain! ☺ Anddd one of the participants in the study (a Chinese, male) ate a lot, had minimal physical activity and STILL GAINED MUSCLE :O Is that not shocking?! It turned out he has this gene (if I remember correctly) which is quite rare. Wow.

And there's this article on why eating 2 large meals a day is better than 6 small meals for weight loss. How interesting! Not that I'm going to do this, but I've always thought that small meals keep your metabolism up higher through the whole day. And I do snack the whole day. :|

This is a good read and it kinda reflects what I feel about veganism. Especially paragraph 5 and 6. Sometimes I feel so bad that I'm not doing anything to help the dying and suffering animals :'( It's just like this horrible, helpless feeling. More so now. And also lots of loneliness when no-one around me is vegetarian or vegan. All this while I've been trying to convince and educate my parents, but they don't feel such compassion for the animals nor do they think that it's worth the trouble and effort to give up what they've been eating all their life for the health benefits. I'll still continue reading articles to them, sending them videos, etc but it'll not happen in the near future. Sigh. Not to prove that I'm right or anything, but I don't want them to suffer when their older, and to let them have this experience - the amazing new foods, the improvement in their health, having compassion for the animals and also the amount of explaining you have to do to skeptical 'vegetarianism-is-extreme' non-vegetarians. Btw, if I share something vegan-y with you it means that I care enough about you and/or you're not too far away. ☺

This morning I also read this, The Case Against Eating Fish. Because I don't really feel the same level of compassion towards fish as I have for land animals. But this article presents it very well!! For a school project I'll likely have to cook fish. Sigh.

July will be a very busy month! And I still haven't caught up on watching Running Man. ☹
I've got a goal for July, and it's to stop eating by 8pm. Not to cut calories, but to let my body rest. I've read/watch quite a few videos/articles about this. 8pm sounds a bit late but I usually finish my dinner at 7+. Also, I usually eat 2 pieces of fruit (1 apple + 1 banana) after I reach home in the afternoon (before bathing and dinner) and more after dinner, but now I'll probably add another serve or two for my after school snack and not have fruits after dinner! Maybe my digestion will be better, since fruits are best eaten before meals. I've tried this on a few occasions before and it does really make me feel better and sleep better, but I've not lasted more than a week each time because my itchy-mouth is too difficult to control. -_- By posting this here I hope it'll make me feel accountable to whoever reads this. ☺ Also, this will really help me save time, as eating constantly takes up quite a lot of time.. So I hope this goes well!

And, I'll start drinking soymilk again. I stopped drinking it a many months ago but I can't remember why exactly. Probably one of the reasons was that I was drinking Nutrisoy no sugar added WHICH HAS FISH OIL and I was horrified when I found out. O Anyway, I'm drinking Powerbeans (no sugar added) now. I decided to start drinking soymilk again because after doing a recent school report (which includes making meal plans and calculating the nutrients), I found that most of the time the meals that I plan don't have enough calcium and I'd always have to add in more glasses of fortified soymilk. I did vegan meal plans btw. Two years ago I had a bone scan done (in a hospital) and I had osteopenia ( <-- okay it's my first time reading this and it looks scary). I'm having another scan in November! So I'll try to drink at least a glass of fortified soymilk a day (400mg calcium) and continue eating lotsa green leafy veggies and oranges! ☺

Thanks for reading! xx

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