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Vegan Potluck Dinner!

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On Saturday (yesterday), I went to a potluck organized by a fellow Instagrammer, Sonal! It was my first time meeting so many vegans & vegetarians in real life! It was such a fun and eye-opening experience. There were like people from all over the world there :O Lols and I realised I don't really know about good vegan food in Sg because I usually cook for myself... I also got to know my IG friend Chen Xi (@peabrainner) more! We only met face-to-face once on Monday when I had lunch at The Living Cafe. ☺
We had a quiz game too. :) Found out a lot of interesting, shocking things about what eating animals and livestock production does to our health and the environment.. and I promptly forgot them :X Okay I did remember one; the water required to produce 1 pound of meat is sufficient for a person to bathe for 365 days! :O
There were 20++ of us there and so there were tons of fooood. Like a huge buffet. Where I could eat anything and everything :'D *cries with joy* And there wasn't a leafy salad in sight! (I only realised this when I went home and mum asked me if I had any veg o_o - the closest thing was some kale chips!) So vegans don't eat salad all day okay... ;) And I ate until I was explodingly full. I wasn't even hungry when I woke up today (and I always am)! Haha. I was wondering why I was so full but then mum told me that samosas and super filling. No wonder. And I counted that I had at least 6 servings of fruit...
I brought Pumpkin Pie with a Wholewheat Black Sesame Crust. It can be much improved so I'm not sharing the recipe yet! First time baking it; maybe I shouldn't have taken the risk :x The filling was too soft (mostly made of pumpkin and cashews - I should have used tofu too like the last time I made pie) and the crust stuck to the pan so i didn't really taste it -_- I'll make it again the next time I feel like having pie. Which may be weeks and weeks later...
Anyway, here is most of the wonderful food that was there yesterday. I'll try my best to guess their names! ☺

These 2 pizzas were made by Sonal. They were so yummy!! Loved that the crust was thin and crunchy! ☺
Quinoa & Chickpea Salad

Bryani rice. Indian food is ♡♡♡

Rolls from New Green Pasture Cafe. The Sri Lanka Roll (top) was so good!
The Seaweed Roll was yummy too ☺

Indian samosas. My first time trying them! And also my first curry-puff-like thing in years, I think!

Fruits! There were also strawberries, peaches and more grapes
Raw desserts from Frunatic!
I shared this with Chen Xi. Creamy and smooth and sweet! No idea what it is though... hehe.
More raw cakes from Frunatic (which I didn't eat because my stomach was exploding)
My pie! With apple hearts and pepitas.
I'm missing the food there now. I'd definitely go for another one of such gatherings! Thanks again to Sonal for organising this! ☺♡ (and sorry if I was very lifeless - a combination of the tiredness from Bikram and my original energy level :x )



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