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The Month of July

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A photo from June I forgot to post - The Flower Dome at Gardens of the Bay

This is so overdue. Haven't been posting much (on here and on Instagram too!) :X As expected, July was busy. But it was also such a horrible, tiring month. Okay, so there were some good parts. But mostly it was like... bad. :( The saddest I've felt in a long long time. Sometimes I'd ask myself (in my head lols), "Is life good?" and usually my answer is Yes. Because no matter what there'll always be something to look forward to, I guess. But no. For most of last month my answer was No. Sigh. And occasionally I'd be in cry-on-demand state. I think it's the (school) stress, but perhaps something(s) else too. Hormones? Nutritional deficencies? Oh well. And I don't usually share these kinda stuff with my friends. But they have helped :) ♡♡♡

Okay something more positive now! Or not. Monkeys came into my house one day while my family was out and stole my bananas (and some bread) -_- And they didn't even finish eating it. And so I was banana-less for a day. Lols. And it's not the first & last time that monkeys have come. A couple of Wednesdays ago, I was in the kitchen when I heard doors and windows slamming shut and the shouts of my neighbour ("Get out!") Haha. Then I saw the monkey on my balcony (It landed with a loud thump! It jumped over from my neighbour's balcony.) And so I ran to the balcony door and closed it. Afterwards I heard from my dad that a monkey went up to another neighbour's house upstairs, into the bedroom (directly above mine) and scratched his daughter. :O How scary. Now we keep the kitchen windows closed. o_o

See. Eww. And the rest of the bananas were out the window. Such a wasteful monkey :x

Also, I made chocolate for the first time! It was amazing. ♡♡♡

Oh yes, and remember how in my The Month of June post I said that in July I'd not eat after 8? Well, I failed =_= The first week went well.. then I went back to my old habits of just eating the whole night. Though I don't really get hungry after dinner. Actually it was mostly because of stress, I've realised. Like the second week of June was super stressful and so I fell off the wagon. (And didn't get back up again) Though sometimes I find it hard to finish eating at 8pm because sometimes by the time I reach home from school, it's nearly 7. (Afterwhich I'll eat some fruits, cook, bathe, then have dinner!) So on a few occasions I rush to finish my dinner by 8, which totally defeats the purpose. I tried to stop eating at 8 after the first week, but I only lasted until 9. Oh well.
At least I've learnt that: 1. I don't really listen to my body's fullness signal, I just finish everything that I start eating. 2. I often eat because of stress, boredom, to procrastinate, and not because of real hunger. 3. I should have better self-control!

(btw this and the following photos are not mine!)

A lot of my 'hunger' falls under enotional hunger..

And I also mentioned previously that I'll drink at least a cup a day of soymilk. So on nearly all days last month, I did. But I've decided to stop, partly because I feel no need for milk/mylk and also because I think it gives me gas :X Lols. And there's also the controversy about soy and whether it's good for you. Well, I don't really know if it's true that it's bad, but it's still a gazillion times better than meat! I can't do without tofu, tempeh and edamame! ;)

Of course, with stress, overeating and lack of exercise comes poor body image. Sigh. Well this helps:

And now I'd just like to share some interesting stuff that I've screen-shot-ed last month! :)

♡ I LOVE this quote! ♡

And this too! Yes, it's not as difficult as you'd think. @VeganTweeter has such great tweets. And I also like @healthygirltip! ☺

Yep. Found this a long long time ago.
Also.. I've realised that I don't enjoy learning nutrition for meat-eaters. Because it's really not what I believe in and know to be true. Sigh. There is not such thing as a nutrition school for Vegans right? ☹☹☹

LOL. But still, how sad for the chickens.

Such a cute cow ♡

Long winded but makes lotsa sense!

Going for Bikram yoga tomorrow after not going for 2 Saturdays! Yay!
Hopefully someday I'll be able to do these poses this well! So far only my corpse pose is fine LOL. And sometimes I still fidget or close my eyes :x
So for the next 3 weeks I'll have a presentation, a test and 3 exams >< Can't wait for August to end! Hope you're having a better month than I am; have a great day ahead! ♡ (Lols I typed this out near midnight when I was so tired & now that it's morning I realized that there's so many mistakes!)

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