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My first try at Homemade Raw Almond Milk

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First time making raw almond milk, or any kind of milk actually! It was really simple! I saw a post from Choosing Raw, which recommended 1 part nuts to 4 parts water. But I found that 1 part almonds to about 3.5 parts water is just the right consistency for me! ☺ I've not tried store bought almond milk yet though, so I don't know how it compares. I was actually expecting more of a similar taste to that of almond powder (used in almond jelly and such) but it was a really mild aroma that I have no idea how to describe. And I was hoping to like it more but... I still prefer soymilk and oatmilk! But this was an interesting experience. And I put the leftover almond pulp to good use by making Raw Cookies!

For this, I used 130g almonds, roughly 3 cups water and 1 medjool date to sweeten.
Step 1: Soak the almonds for at least 8 hours/overnight. This removes enzyme inhibitors (phytic acid) and makes it easier to digest. Also, it'll be easier on your blender! ☺

Step 2: Drain and rinse almonds, then add water and blend!

Blended it for a bit before adding a date. It became milky really quickly, even in my cheap blender!

Step 3: Remove the pulp! I didn't have a nut milk bag or a cheese cloth. So I used a used a powder sieve, bought from Daiso.

Poured it in and the sieve worked quite well for this at first!

But as you can see this didn't work very well; the pulp was still very moist even when I pressed it with my spatula.

I ended up using a really thin cloth to squeeze the pulp. It came up to about 100ml more! (this photo was taken before using the cloth) Total was about 800ml.

Drier almond pulp! \o/

This was put to good use in my 3-ingredient Raw Cookies.

Step 4: Enjoy the fruits (or milk) of your labour!

So this method was quite effective! If I make any other nut milk or this again, I'll probably use the sieve and the cloth until I find a cheap cheese cloth or nut milk bag! ☺

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  1. I make almond milk all the time, but have never strained and enjoyed its bittiness, but I have to say. I like this and may strain it next time to make cookies as you've suggested. It might even be good just stirred into porridge oats and turned into a museli of sorts.

    1. Oh I see.. My blender isn't a very powderful one so the almonds aren't that finely ground up, hence I have to strain mine! :) I hope you'll like the cookies if you do try them! The muesli sounds like a great idea! :)