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Raw Zucchini Lasagne

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Raw Zucchini Lasagne. Green and yellow zucchini slices layered with tomato slices, Spicy Banana Marinara, Mango-Avocado Cream and Not-really Pesto, topped with pine nuts, and cauliflower & purple cabbage sprinkles.
This was inspired by The Living Cafe's Raw Zucchini Lasagne and FullyRawKristina's Raw Deep-Dish Lasagne! ☺ This was super filling and so yummy!
It was quite a chore to make because I dont have a mandolin, so I had to carefully cut each slice. o_o I 'weaved' two slices of green zucchini and two of the yellow zucchini for each layer, in a square shape, and cut off the excess every few layers.
It's the second last day of my Raw Vegan 801010 Week! I've been having a salad almost every day for dinner and only now do I realise how important a dressing is!! Especially if all ingredients are raw! I've been using the Spicy Banana Marinara for most of them and I can't get enough of it! ♡_♡ The Mango-Avocado Cream is so simple but so good. It's light and not too heavy, and mango seems to go so well with zucchini! The Not-really Pesto was kinda weird, I must admit. But the texture was not bad. I froze the leftover juice and maybe I'll use it in a smoothie next time.
I tried to keep this as low fat as possible so it still fits into 801010. The only overt fats come from the avocado and pine nuts ☺
There isn't any specific way to make this, so just get creative and layer it any way you want! Actually I'll just throw all the yummy ingredients into a bowl next time :x Until I get a mandolin.
Raw Zucchini Lasagne
Main layers: 2 large zucchinis, sliced lengthwise thinly. 2 medium tomatoes.
Spicy Banana Marinara: Blend 1 small banana, 1 medium chili, 1 large medjool date, 1/2 medium tomato.
Mango-Avocado Cream: Blend 1/2 medium-sized mango, 1/4 avocado, 2 tsp lemon juice. Add a tsp of psyllium husk if you're piping this.
Not-really Pesto: Blend 1 cup mixed raw greens (I used romaine & coral), 1/4 cup zucchini, 1 medjool date, 2 tsp lime juice and enough water to blend. Leave to strain and use the pulp. Drink the juice!

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