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A Look at Lunch & What-I-Ate-(for-dinner)-Wednesday

By 23:45

Hello! Just a random late-night post.
This is what my lunchbox for school usually looks like - a medium-large sweet potato (or pumpkin), steamed/baked, an assortment of raw/steamed veggies (here it's steamed French beans, raw red bell peppers and raw button mushrooms) and romaine/butterhead lettuce (hidden at the bottom). Uaually with some spices added - this has cayenne pepper and black pepper. And that marinara-sauce-like thing is actually fig & persimmon jam. Posted the recipe up on my Instagram yesterday!

It's a new lunchbox! 800ml, 50ml larger than my previous one. Yay. My old, brown-stained lunchbox has finally retired after one and a half years of school lunches.

Last Wednesday, I went to Marriot hotel for a buffet with my parents in celebration of Mum's birthday! :)
Luckily there was a discount voucher. If not it wouldn't really be worth it. (Originally it's $60+ per pax, which means $40+ after the 2-adults-1-free voucher, but then there was a complimentary $36 cake, which means it's $28 each. Haha. I think this is what Singaporeans always do. Count the value of the buffet and eat their money's worth!) Okay, maybe the time spent with family to have a meal make this worth it!
Horrible photos ahead. Be warned.

First plate. Steamed broccoli, curried lentil stew and salad. I must say that the broccoli was perfectly steamed oh wow. I nearly wiped out the whole pot (they were small Le Creuset pots). And the stew was amazing. Really.
By the way, I adopted the If-it's-not-obviously-nonvegan-eat-it style this time. But afterwards I thought back to this stew and I'm like this couldn't have been vegan! I was tricking & convincing myself. It must've contained dairy. Yup. But it was good.
I also tried to pic the most expensive veggies. ^^

Plate 2. The lentil stew with 2 slices of bread, roasted potatoes + beets + sweet potato and salad (also nearly wiped out the steamed cauliflower). The roasted root veggies were amazing!!! I don't usually like potatoes (sweet potatoes are like 100 times tastier) but this has a lightly salted, crispy skin and a soft inside. Wow.
I chose the most tough looking bread there but it was still fluffy. ._.

Plate 3!

Bowl of fruits. Fruit selection was unexpectedly quite limited. To make space for the desserts I guess.

Then I had cup of peppermint tea, a triangular cracker, half the stick and 2 wedges of lemon. I was stuffed. And thought that I ate quite a lot. Though actually it wasn't that much! :x (Though if you think of each plate as one SaladStop salad, it's really really worth it LOL)

THE BREAD. There was so much variety omg. If there's one most-likely-non-vegan thing I can't resist, it would be bread. I'd choose bread over cake anyday.
Ahh if only I could bake such perfect bread!

Half of the salad bar. There was lotsa variety! Lols it's like a greenhouse growing potted plants.

And the desserts! I didn't eat them, so I should at least have some photos!
That gorgeous thing in the middle is a Strawberry Eton Mess. Even the name sounds so.. epic. I had to google what it was. I wish I could find somewhere that sold vegan meringues here so that I can make one!!

And there were lots more desserts.
What do you do where there's a choice of vegan foods but umm... desserts? Eat none, eat one, or just go all out? Though in my case there isn't a 'eat one', if I were to start I'd want to try everything!

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  1. Hi I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Just view this post on my blog to find out how to accept the nomination and pass it on. I absolutely love seeing all your colourful foods by the way :)

    - @healthiepanda

    1. Aww thank you so much Sophia!! I'll definitely join in, but I'll only do it in 2 week's time! I'm kinda busy and I wanna put some thought into this :) Thanks again! <3

  2. No problem! Also I may be meeting you for lunch in December :P Andrea is going to ask you!!