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Another Raw Vegan 801010 Week (Upcoming)

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I'll be eating raw vegan 801010 in this upcoming 1 week, from tomorrow (Monday) to Sunday! It will be my second time doing this :) I've realised that many of my non-recipe posts are really messy and random, so I'll do it in a more organised, 5W and 1H way. The following info is to the best of my knowledge! Correct me if I'm wrong please.

1. What is Raw Veganism? What does 80/10/10 mean?

Raw veganism is a subset of veganism, where other than not eating animals or animal products, raw vegans also abstain from cooked (heated above 46 deg C/115 deg F) food. 801010 is usually seen as a subset of raw veganism. It means that 80% of calories consumed come from carbohydrates (mainly fruits), 10% from protein (veggies) and 10% from fat (minimal nuts, seeds & fatty fruit). However, there's also another type of 801010, which is called 'cooked 801010' and is the same, but cooked (duh)! There's also something called 'Raw till 4', where people have cooked food (eg. carb-rich root veggies such as sweet potatoes, potatoes) for dinner. So you can probably imagine a Venn diagram in your head now. 
Supposedly 801010 raw veganism is the best for health, but any change in the diet towards that will already be beneficial! A good book would be The 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham.

2. Who are some inspirational raw vegans?

My favourite would be Freelee the Banana Girl! Love how real and how non-rawfood-elitist she is. Another favourite of mine is @kalecrush on Instagram! Other inspirational Ig accounts are: @organicandhappy, @fullyrawkristina (also on YouTube) and @rawintentions.

3. When is the best time to try out eating raw vegan? 

(Sounds like a silly question, but I really couldnt think of a 'when'!) The answer is any time of course. Any time you have access to an abundance of fresh, ripe fruit. It's my school holidays now, and I'm planning it on a week where I have no commitments, so I should have no problem sticking to it!

4. Where are good places to stock up on fruit?

I only know of one place - Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market! Went there yesterday afternoon to get some fruits, especially bananas. 

It's cheaper to buy fruits there than at regular supermarkets! I got one whole box and 3 more bunches of bananas. So many bananas to myself for the very first time!! The box cost $25, and had about 100 bananas in it. It's 18kg - and yet I could carry it (okay, maybe not carry, but lug around for a short while)! :O I also got 1 large watermelon, 1 small papaya and 1 honeydew. It totaled to $40.90. 
I was actually kinda surprised that the fruit sellers were not surprised that I wanted so many bananas. o_o I guess some raw-vegans/801010-ers also buy fruit from there then. 
My parents kinda think that I'm crazy LOL. But they still went to the wholesale market with me (I needed Dad's car and help to carry the fruit) plus they were excitedly (okay, just somewhat) taking photos of the box of bananas. 
I feel that it's some kinda turning point. Like the first box of bananas have been bought. 2-4 bunches of bananas (which I get weekly) will never seem like a lot again.

5. Why am I doing this?

There's many people who've lost weight on raw vegan 801010, and many who have overcome eating disorders through this. And it has many healing properties. I think my goal for this is to feel happier, get better digestion and higher energy levels. All of which I did experience when I did this the first time (click to view my thoughts on my previous experience)! I'm just doing it for a week, which is the same length as the previous time. I guess I don't feel ready to eat raw for a longer period of time! I don't see myself becoming a raw vegan (raw till 4 maybe) in the near future, but I mean, anything could happen...
I feel like I've over eaten some junk food recently - actually, I think it's just pretzels. -_- I bought 2 packets of pretzels to make reindeer brownies and I'm stuck with so many. Sodium overload. And so much processed flour. I really have super little self-control when it comes to vegan junk food. REALLY LITTLE. >:(  I bet I'll still eat some more later. Salty foods are just too addictive. (I'm eating them again help!)
Do your lips burn when you eat salty foods? My mum and my friend said they never experience this, but when I eat too many pretzels mine does!

6. How will I go about doing this?

I plan to have 3 days of banana island and 2 days of Melon Island. "Islands" are where you eat exclusively a fruit or a type of fruits. Some people also include one or two types of greens, but that's usually after a week or so on the Island. I'm just trying out a couple days of each to see how I feel. I'll have about 20-25 bananas at day on banana island (remember that I'm just 153cm tall, and not really active). For the melon island, some choose to do watermelon island but I'll probably have different kinds of melons! I'm just excited over the prospect of eating a ton of fruit! And super looking forward to not having to cook. And not having sink-fulls of dishes to wash daily. And eating as much as I want. And the watermelon especially! :D

Monday - normal raw 801010 
Tuesday - banana island
Wednesday - banana island
Thursday - banana island
Friday - melon island
Saturday - melon island
Sunday - normal raw 801010

This time, I'll focus more on proper food combining, for Mon and Sun especially.

I choose not to do banana island immediately because I want to kinda ease myself into eating completely raw food. I wanted to end with melon island, but I got invited to a Vegan Xmas Potluck Picnic (everyone's welcome, feel free to come)! How fun! :) I guess it means that I won't be able to eat most of the food that others bring... Or maybe I'll start my day raw then have some cooked food at the potluck? Hmm. I'll see how then. Anyway I'll be bringing something raw! I hope my spiralizer comes soon!

I guess that's all I have to share for now. Follow me on Instagram (@serenesayyian) for updates on my raw week! :)

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  1. Hi Serene! Thanks for the Liebster Award! I just got back from overseas so haven't touched my blog in awhile! This 80/10/10 is really interesting! I eat 3-4 bananas a day and even that is kinda overkill for me already. Am really interested to see how this goes for you. Might give it a try some day! :)

    1. You're welcome! :) Hehe I used to only eat 3-4 a day too! But I think after this week I'll continue to have at least 10 a day ;) It's really quite a fun experience!