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Upside-Down Apple Lemon Dome Cake

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Upside-Down Apple Lemon Dome Cake! Stuffed with more apple chunks and whipped vanilla tofu cream. With cherries, frozen blueberries, strawberries and melty chocolate coconut milk ice cream. Made with oat flour.

This turned out much more messier than intended, oops! I think it's because I cooked the apples too long. Next time I'll just slice the apples thinly and place then in the bowl without cooking them.

Upside-Down Apple Lemon Dome Cake
Serves 1
  • 40g oats
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 medium apple (I used half Red Delicious and half Granny Smith)
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • sweetener (I used 7 drops stevia)
  1. Pulse oats into flour. Add baking powder.
  2. Blend 1/2 apple with lemon juice. Add vanilla essence and sweetener to taste.
  3. Add wet ingredients into oat flour. Mix well. Batter will be thick and 'fluffy'.
  4. Thinly slice remaining apple (cook them until slightly soft if you want) and lay slices in a circle in a lightly-oiled bake-safe bowl.
  5. Pour batter into bowl. Smooth out the top.
  6. Bake at 180 deg C for about 20 minutes. 
  7. Cool and remove from pan. Cut into half lengthwise and fill with anything you want. Enjoy!

Lols I put the recipe here because the rest is just a somewhat nonsensical analysis of apples.

Which is your favourite apple?
Lols I think you can tell which one's my least favourite. 

My all-time fave about be royal gala, especially when it has that crumbly, soft texture. Jazz and Empire varieties are not bad too. They have a nice crunch! Granny Smith is tart and usually crunchy (wait, is crunchy the right word?) though it can have the crumbly, soft texture similar to that of royal gala. I don't really like Fuji; they're not as sweet as other varieties and the core has a yucky texture. Not pictured is Pink Lady, which is pretty but pricey.I've always felt that Red Delicious is quite an obnoxious name for an apple. Like it's calling itself delicious?! 

(maybe i haven't been getting enough sleep)

The most commonly found organic apples here in Singapore are (currently) Royal Gala, Jazz and Fuji. As for the other 3 varieties shown, they don't sell them organic here!

I used to (almost) exclusively eat only organic apples, and not conventional. It's because apples are one of the produce in the 'Dirty Dozen',  which is a list of fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide residue. Other members of the list include celery, cherry tomatoes, grapes, sweet bell peppers and strawberries. ._. Well, I wasn't aware about the cherry tomatoes, grapes and bell peppers until now. I stopped eating celery because it's difficult to find them organic here... but now I know about those 3 what do I do o_o ...I still eat conventional strawberries because organic isn't sold here! There's also a list of the 'Clean Fifteen', and I'm surprised to find sweet corn there??

Okay back to the apples. I said I used to eat only organic apples, but then the brand of organic apples disappeared from every supermarket. Those that came in a 1kg bag. I feel so sad typing this T.T Now they sell them in 900g plastic containers. And they're more expensive. Sigh.

Fun facts:
I finished a 1kg bag of apples (by eating, not juicing/blending) in 24hrs before. 
My apple cores weigh about 7g. (Which I know because I have to do a 3-day Weighed Food Record for a school assignment)

Which reminds me - "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" is so not true. (okay it's obviously not true but, just saying. Hehe I need to get more sleep) Because I eat at least 3 a day and last week I fell sick with the flu. Sore throat, runny nose, blocked nose, dry eyes and blocked ears. I think it was because of a combination of lack of sleep (test week), eating heaty foods (baked sweet potato nibblets everyday) and being exposed to germs (I went to school to study almost every day, including Sat & Sun). Lols I thought it wasn't serious (I would forget that I'm sick when I don't talk)(how am I supposed to know what serious is when I haven't fallen ill in years?) so I didn't see a doctor. But as of yesterday my nose was still stuck and my ears were still blocked. It's been a week. So. I hope I get better soon.

Have a great day! Eat some apples :)

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