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Vegan Potluck Picnic! ♡

By 20:24

I went for a Vegan Potluck Picnic earlier today (for lunch), which was hosted by Yishuai (@morethanveggies), Ting Ting (@vegting) and Sheryl (@shihngin).
(I probably remember people's Instagram names better than their real names.)

It was super duper sunny and hot, but thankfully it didn't rain like the weather forecast said it would! I believe that I've got enough Vitamin D for a few weeks lols. 

I met many familiar faces whom I know from the previous two potlucks (click here & here to read more!)(am I the only one who's been to all 3?) but the real difference is that I CAME WITH A FRIEND. Like omg I've been waiting for this day for ages! :') So I brought my friend Ya Fan, who's been vegetarian for over a month and has transitioned to veganism. Nothing to do with me at all though (lols she admitted that she used to make fun of me), but I'm so very very glad for her!!!!!! :') :')

Also, I thought that the photos would turn out horrible (because the sun was so bright and my screen was so dark) but they're wonderful! Wow. The power of the iPhone 5.

The venue this time was at Botanic Gardens. There was surprisingly lots of people picnicking there!

We had a gift exchange!
I got a Basil Grow Kit that's supposedly 'Guaranteed to Grow'. How interesting - I really hope so! I have a very un-green thumb and I've failed at growing plants and keeping plants alive countless of times. If this doesn't work then... ._.

A super cute and creative Christmas tree made by Yishuai. She nailed it all together wow! The cupcakes ornaments are so adorable too! 

This is probably just about half of the food. More people came with food but the sun was draining my energy so I didn't take any photos.

Ting Ting made these mini pies (which I didn't try, sadly) and mini veggie tempeh skewers. Yum!

The wholewheat pretzels were made by Yishuai, and the were so amazingly fluffy and soft!! (I tried making wholewheat pretzels before and they were rock hard -_- )

The dahl (?) at the bottom left was so good! I had a scoop of it each time I had another round. ^^ It was also the very first mouthful of savoury cooked food that I've had in a week! (Last week I was eating raw.)

I brought Raw Beet Marinara Sauce & Zucchini 'Noodles'! I think I added too much chili flakes though :x

These raw chocolate tarts were made by Cheryl (@cheryleatsveg). They were so rich and chocolaty!! What are those amazing beans on top - cacao?

Bean & pumpkin stew and sweet potato hummus made by Sheryl! I had several helpings of these too! ^^

Plate one! (I had about 4 or 5 more)
The lentils look plain but they were quite good! A Lebanese dish I think.

A raw strawberry-kiwi fruit pie brought by Sabrina (@livepurelife). Such a pretty presentation!

Loved the crunchy macadamia crust especially! 

After all the food, we had a lucky draw. I won 5th place! (Wow. I never win things.) And guess what. It's a parsley growing kit! :O The universe it telling me to grow things. And the wish I wrote on the piece of paper (which was used in the lucky draw) was that I wished that my parents will learn that they can live without meat. So let's hope that happens!

(I'll put the group photo here once I can get a hold of it ^^)

Thanks so much again to Yishuai, Ting Ting and Sheryl for hosting this potluck!! ♡ I had lotsa fun and I'm sure everyone else did too! :)

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