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A Picnic at the Park! ^^

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My parents and I went for a picnic dinner yesterday at Labrador Park! I think it was Dad's idea initially, then I kept on harping on it LOL. My parents aren't vegan, but everything they prepared here is :')

We each took care of different things. Mum made the salad and heated up the satay, Dad made the pasta and tofu stew, and I made the drinks and dessert (not pictured).

We brought many many containers LOL. Not all of it is shown here! Our picnic mat is in the design of the movie 'The Hedge'. From a few years back. I can't remember what it's about.

The salad had a head of romaine lettuce, a crispy & sweet Honey Belle pear, a whole avocado, and a large handful of cherry tomatoes. The dressing is a tahini lemon sauce - raw tahini, lemon juice, plain stevia, water.

This doesn't look really appetising, but it was GREAT! It's Green Curry Coconut Milk sauce for the angel hair pasta. With melt-in-your-mouth eggplant slices, mushrooms and mock chicken drumsticks which are storebought and made of taukee (beancurd skin). They even have a popsicle stick in the middle to imitate the 'bone' LOL.

That's the Tofu Stew. The tofu's hidden under all the other ingredients! There were potatoes, carrots (both cooked until really soft ^o^), black fungus, button mushrooms, chinese black mushrooms (I had to google to find out what these were called), and pan-fried tofu. 

Satay with peanut sauce. Storebought. These are chewier and tougher than most other satays, and mum says that this makes them taste more 'real'.

Time to eat!

Sitting amongst the chaota (burnt) grass - it's not rained in weeks. There were short periods of drizzles earlier in the day, but luckily it didn't rain while we were eating!

The picnic mat's really quite small. We need one at least twice the size!

Yum yum!

It looks like I'm trying to advertise the black pepper hahaha. That, together with the green curry paste, coconut milk and angle angel hair pasta, were free from a polyclinic event I helped out in. Yay for free food!! ;D

Angel hair pasta is so much nicer than spaghetti! :)

This was simple but delicious! ^^

I did a fruit-infused coconut water. You can't really see all the fruits, but there's lemon, blueberries, pomegranate seeds and kiwi. I added 1 can (530ml) of pure coconut juice (with pulp) in and filled the rest up with water. 

It was refreshing!

Then it's time for dessert! I made simple Chia Tarts. The crust is made with storebought puff pastry, and I filled it with chia pudding (chia seeds, sweetened almond soymilk, psyllium husk) and topped it with raisins, pomegranate seeds and hemp seeds.

Really simple because I was trying to use as little of the kitchen as possible, since Dad was using it.

A shot I took at home!

Dad opened a coconut with a pocket knife.

Fresh coconut juice tastes sweeter than canned!

A photo taken by Dad because he says that I take too many photos of food and not enough of the scenery. Haha

It's like autumn in Singapore.
But of course it's way too hot.

It looks hazy because my lens was dirty -_-

It was a great family day out! ^^

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