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Soyato - Singapore's very own Vegan Ice Cream!

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Soyato is a local ice cream brand offering guilt-free soy ice cream! It's a premium non-dairy ice cream that contains three times less fat and has half the calories of regular dairy ice cream, and is free of cholesterol and trans-fat! It's made of non-GMO soybeans, and it contains prebiotics to maintain a good digestive system. ^^ It's suitable for the general population, including vegans, vegetarians, the lactose-intolerant, the health-conscious, those who are on a gluten-free diet and those who want to watch their weight.

I was amazed to find that Soyato ice cream only has about 100 kcal per 100g, which is even lesser than So Delicious' No Sugar Added Chocolate Coconut Milk ice cream (~120 kcal/100g)!! What's better is that despite being low in calories, Soyato doesn't contain sugar alcohols, so it doesn't have the slightly artificial taste which the So Delicious one has! :) The calories in one scoop of Soyato can be burned off by shopping for 30 minutes or by watching a movie!

Soyato is available in 4 flavours: Wickedly Chocolate, Mint Chip, Green Tea and Honey Lemon. (The first 3 are vegan; Honey Lemon is vegetarian due to the honey.)

Verleen (a co-founder of Soyato) had kindly given me these two pints, Wickedly Chocolate and Mint Chip to sample and review! ^^ I got my parents to try them too.

The Mint Chip ice cream was not really as creamy as regular ice cream, but I liked it as the mint flavour was strong enough, but not overpoweringly toothpaste-y. It's also not artificially green coloured like most mint ice creams; it's white in colour. There's surprisingly a lot of chocolate chips too - and they're not tiny flecks of chocolate, but whole chips! :)

I heard from Verleen that Wickedly Chocolate is one of the bestsellers (the other one is Honey Lemon)! It's not surprising, because it's really creamy and rich - it doesn't lose in taste and texture when compared to regular dairy ice creams. It has chocolate chips too!

You can't see the (non-dairy) chocolate chips from here but they were generous in both flavours!! 

Soyato is so guilt-free that I have it at breakfast too hehe! ^^
Lols please pardon the messy scoops and chaota waffles (waffle recipe in a later post).

You can get Soyato from NTUC Finest, NTUC Extra, selected NTUC Fairprice supermarkets and Isetan Supermarket at Shaw House and Westgate!

There's currently a promotional price of $19.00 for 2 pints (original price $11.90 each) at NTUC Fairprice and you'll receive a free cooler bag (while stocks last) too. 

I've seen Soyato at some cafes; I hope that non-vegan restaurants will start selling Soyato too (or are they already?) so that I'll actually have something to eat for dessert lols. :D

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