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Banana Island!☺

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I'll be doing a 6 (or 7)-day Banana Island starting today! (Sorry for the short notice.) I've been eating quite unhealthily in recent months - more processed foods, sodium and fat. Not just during the Taiwan trip, but also before and after the trip! My digestion is the worst it's been in 2 years - and I can tell because I've had that acid reflux thing (vomit coming up throat ewwww) twice in the past month, when I never used to get that! Also, I usually have something light within 2 hours before going for Bikram yoga. I used to be able to handle 6 bananas (and I even start to feel hungry midway through the class), but now even when I just have an apple I feel nauseous during class. -_- And I'm starting to understand why some people don't eat breakfast  - because there's leftover food from the night before in their stomach, so they don't get hungry! For as long as I can remember, I woke up hungry, but nowadays I don't because of my sluggish digestion. :(

So, I'm doing this to 'reset' my digestion and tastebuds (it's so much easier to stick to eating healthier and more raw after), and feel more motivated to exercise!

Here's a list of answers to questions I was asked previously.

  1. I'll eat spotty-ripe bananas (NOTE: bananas shown above aren't ripe enough for eating yet), medjool dates, raw carob and organic cinnamon, and maybe add in tender greens (spinach, romaine etc.) and cucumber at dinner. I plan to consume most of bananas frozen. Btw, if you've not tried it, bananas + dates = heaven in your mouth!
  2. The most important thing is to EAT IN ABUNDANCE. I'll make sure to consume a MINIMUM of 2500kcal daily! It's essential even if you're short petite like me. I'll count calories using Cronometer to make sure I get enough! 
  3. If you're wondering whether I'll work my butt off to burn off those extra calories, the answer is NO. I'll probably do light exercise and then catch up on some reading/kdrams & complete my to-do list (which I'm 3 days behind because I procrastinate everything -_-). However, it's likely that you'll be more motivated to exercise as it gives you energy!
  4. I'm not an expert on this, so you can find our more from these lovely people from Instagram: @freeleethebananagirl (watch her vids on YouTube!), @kalecrush and @rawkorean.
  5. By the way, this won't give you a sugar high, nor a potassium overdose (to get that you'll need to eat 400 bananas in 30 sec). I didn't get diarrhea or constipation either!
  6. The only difficult thing (at least for me) about this is that people who think that you've gone bananas! (Pun intended) All you need to do is to block those comments out, because you don't need such negativity in your life. ^^
  7. Oh yes, your house might stink of ripening bananas too ._. You'll get used to it.
  8. I buy my medjool dates from Mustafa, and it goes at $3.90 for a 1/2kg box, which is half the price of what's sold in regular supermarkets! Previously I bought my bananas from Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market at $25 for an 18kg box, but I wasn't able to get bananas there this time. I got bananas from Sheng Siong at $30 for 15kg, and I might buy more later this week.
Hehehe people were staring.

I weigh and label boxes of sliced bananas before I freeze them, because from my previous experience, I often forget how many there are in each box hehe :x

You can view these links to see my previous raw weeks and 3-day banana island experience, and view the hashtag #sereneeatsraw on Instagram. :)

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  1. on day three and really cant fathon eating another banana!!! and I have only about 15-18 a day..But I have hit the banana wall. UGH!! Been vegan for quite some time but the sweetnees of the bananas is just gross to me now. Id go off tomorrow but I have a kitchen FULL of organic bananas that will last me another 2/3 they just disgust me :(

    1. haha oh dear! How are you eating the bananas? Nowadays I only eat them frozen (in nice cream) or at least chilled because they don't taste so sweet or banana-y when cold! Have you tried nice cream before? :)

    2. yes the frozen ones I make ice cream with a bit of water and raw unsweetend cacoa but its still just so off the chart sweet for me... My fridge and freezer are full to the brim with bananas!! and I have about 40 more raw that I either have to eat ( they are ripe) or throw out...