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EarthFest Singapore - Greener Living Festival

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Have you heard of EarthFest? Recently, I came across some posts on Facebook about it, and I was intrigued. EarthFest will be Singapore's first and only regular festival devoted to sustainability & greener living!

Here's a Q & A with Michael Broadhead, the Director of EarthFest! :)

1. What are the aims of EarthFest Singapore?

Our aim to help people realise you can have fun, eat delicious food and have a great modern life while helping to create a more sustainable future.

2. What will EarthFest showcase?

We're happy to have Singapore's most eco-friendly businesses on board helping to create a Farmer's Market!  There will be a great variety of inventive food and everyday living products that are more sustainable that what you normally find.  We will have live entertainment and games and crafts for children - all free and open to the public!  We are also pairing up with some fantastic organisations to help create interactive educational experiences to help people get hands-on with making greener choices in their daily lives.  There will be something for everyone - it'll be a blast!

3. Where did the inspiration for EarthFest come about?

Europe, North America, and Australia are leading the world right now with these types of festivals and they are just starting to appear in Asia on a smaller scale.  It's our hope Singapore will be the leader for inspiring other Asian nations to hold their own festivals to promote greener living.

4. How successful have similar events been in other countries? How impactful do you think EarthFest will be on Singaporeans?

Very successful - people are very concerned about sustainability and their children's future.  These festivals help empower people to create a bright future for everyone.  We feel Singaporeans have a lot of interest in this - we see lots of the schools talking about sustainability and the future, the government has made many long-term plans related to future sustainability, and many entrepreneurs are starting greener businesses now.  The awareness is there and we think our festival will help people get to know all the amazing green companies and products that exist in Singapore and get hands-on with experiencing how they can do their part to create a sustainable Singapore, and world.

5. Seeing that Singapore is already generally regarded as a 'Clean and Green' city (at least, by outsiders it is), what improvements do you think can be made? 

Yes, in many ways Singapore has been a good leader for other Asian countries.  However, we are still a long way away from sustainability.  For example, Singapore has Asia-Pacific's highest carbon footprint per person.  The vast majority of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels. We lack the ability to process organic waste and the recycling rate of the average person is very low compared to other countries with similar standards of living.  If everyone were to live like us, the planet would not be able to support it.  However, we feel Singapore could easily become the world leader in sustainability and be the country other countries look to for inspiration.

6. Anything else you'd like to add? :)

Please check out our vendors at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  You'll get updates on the festival.  Sincerely Green businesses can contact us to join the Farmer's Market, entertainers can contact us to involved with the live entertainment, and green organisations can partner up with us to develop educational experiences.  EarthFest is about community and realising that together we can do much more good than we could individually.  We are also open to sponsorships of the festival.  Potential options include sponsoring the market, the entertainment, or other aspects like marketing.  We are also scouting locations for the festival and so any venues that would like to host EarthFest should drop us a line.

I can't wait for EarthFest - hopefully it'll be held soon! It definitely seems like an enlightening and fun festival. Also, the Farmer's Market sounds great and the current list of vendors look promising! ^^ 

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