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Granola Sales Feedback & Thoughts ♡

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I'm finally done with selling my jars of quinoa granola!! I really didn't expect so many orders - I was thinking that it'll be great if I sold 5 jars or so, but I ended up selling 23! (The 24th one was a backup in case I broke any hehe. :x ) And wow, it was so much more tiring than what I'd expected! Taking orders, arranging meetups, jar decor and making the granola all sucked up my energy lols. For the past two weeks, I was making granola almost every weekday morning.

Okay, it sounds like I hated selling my granola, but no, I really liked it! It's like a similar feeling to... exercise (at least for me it is). When you decide to go for a run later, you're excited - not for the run, but for the outcome. But during the run it's awful and you're constantly thinking "Why am I doing this to myself?! D: ". And then, after the run, it's great! You feel accomplished and happy. Similarly, this granola selling thing was fun during the planning stages, and I feel great that I've completed something I've been wanting to do! :) Like crossing out something on a bucket list - not that I have one. Plus it got me out of the house - I would have watched kdramas the whole day if not for this!

I think that some of you are expecting that I'll be selling more granola soon (sorry to those I've turned away because I ran out of jars ), but I don't think I'll have the time to once school starts! (I will be selling a variety of mason jars though!) So... you can try making it for yourself by using the recipes at the Popular Posts on the left. ^^

Oh yes, if you chose mulberries as one of your dried fruit - I rationed out the mulberries because I didn't anticipate that so many people would want it (and I couldn't find it at a health food store), so it's there... but probably not easy to find since its brown and looks like granola. :x I did make up for it with more of the other two ingredients though! Also, surprisingly few people chose raisins!! :O Okay, if it was me I wouldn't have chosen raisins too because it's so ordinary and common compared to the other choices of dried fruit. Goji berries were also unexpectedly popular!! The most popular combination (out of 35 combinations) was Goji berries - Medjool dates - Coconut flakes.

Every jar was a little different, because I baked the granola in small batches. Which means that some are more chaota and some are less chaota. o_o Hopefully the level of chaota-ness of your jar of granola was good for all of you who bought it!

Perhaps this was a 意 - I might have lost money doing this hahaha. Since about half of my ingredients were organic. And nuts are expensive too. I couldn't be bothered to calculate the actual cost of each jar (filled with granola) though. But no matter - even if it is I'm glad that I did this, and sold it at a reasonable price! ^^  

I've received lots of positive feedback. :') I also didn't expect for so many people to buy the set of two jars and request for two of the larger jars! I mean, what if you tried it and decided that you didn't like it? I'd like to believe that it's because you all trust me & my cooking so much. Aww.


Anyway here's some of the feedback I've received. I hope no one minds me sharing it anonymously!

  • "I've just tried it and it's really good! (Honestly I expected it to be pretty bland hahaha) If you're ever going to sell it again I'll definitely buy more!"
  • "Omg they're soo good! ... Hahaha I really wish u had a bigger jar T.T You should sell more :)"
  • "Just wanted to let you know that your granola is really good, I love it! :) It's the best I've tried so far, in fact I've already finished half of each jar oops. It's a lot faster than expected haha. Please do continue making more, will definitely support you again (and buy more)! :) And thanks for the lovely packaging, it was a really sweet touch!"
  • "Serene, it's yummy! I doubt the 2 bottles can last thru the weekend and thanks for the personalised label :)"
Aww I feel so touched :') <3

You can also view my hashtag #EYRgranola on Instagram to see what some had to say! ^^ Though much fewer people than expected posted it on IG LOL.

Next time, if I decide to sell my granola again, I'll probably set a fixed timing and place for collection on the weekends. And also... probably only one flavour and one size of jar.

Thanks once again for your support!! 

I'm going to Taiwan tomorrow with four of my friends!!! So excited YAY! I'll be back next Tuesday. Meanwhile, I have a blogpost about baby food scheduled for Thursday and I'll be updating my Instagram with yummy food in Taiwan - hopefully! Haha.

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