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Paderno World Cuisine Spiraliser - FOR SALE

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Spiralisers are really convenient to use and they make salads fun and more enjoyable! It can be used to make zucchini spaghetti (tastes SO much better than it sounds), carrot shreds, potato noodles etc. It's definitely a great tool if you're trying to eat more raw foods!

I've got ONE spiraliser for sale! I'm selling it at S$38.00, which is a good price confirm-plus-chop cheaper than what you can find in stores and online. 
It's brand new; I've got another one for myself.

Here's the prices from Amazon - the one on the top is a few months back, the one below is taken on 18th April. Both prices are in USD. What this doesn't show you is the shockingly pricey shipping fee.

I'm able to sell it at this price because I bought it last year when it was cheaper, and I spent enough (USD$125) to qualify for free overseas shipping. (It took me so long to start selling because I've been procrastinating...)

If there's a demand I'll watch the prices and try to buy more when it becomes cheaper!

More photos:

Three sets of blades are included.

I love to spiralise carrots too! Despite being made of white plastic, it doesn't stain after using it on highly pigmented veggies (carrots and beetroot), even when I leave it for half a day before washing it.
This is mine, by the way. The one being sold hasn't been taken out of the box.

I made this for a vegan potluck last year! Raw spicy beetroot marinara with zucchini and carrot noodles.

You can watch this video on how it's used. (It's boring and makes me want to fall asleep, but it's the most informational one I can find lols.)

So email me ASAP if you're interested!

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