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Taiwan Day 6: hotpot buffet + back to SG + shopping haul

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It was the last day of our trip, and we were all sad to leave Taiwan! :'(
Our flight was at 7.55pm that day, so we decided to leave the apartment at about 3pm - just to be safe. ^^;

This is a chinese pancake stall right below our apartment! 

This is 葱油饼 (cong you bing) which is 'a salty, unleavened flatbread whose dough contains oil and minced scallions (green onions)' according to wiki. We've had it a couple of times because it's delicious, cheap (NT50 for a huge slice), and as far as I know, vegan! (It's obviously unhealthy though.) There's also other flavours like radish and pumpkin, but we didn't get to try those :( 

We went for lunch at this Japanese-style hotpot buffet restaurant, which was a walking distance from our apartment. I don't get what was Japanese about it though ._.

It costs just NT330 (about SGD$14) for an eating time of 90 minutes. But it seems like they're not so strict on the time limit when the restaurant isn't crowded; we stayed slightly longer than that and no-one chased us out!

The view from our table. The restaurant was on the second floor.

The selection of vegan items was small, but it was good enough for me! I think that this was the best meal haha. ^^

There were no carrots though :( They've would've made my soup sweeter.

We each had individual hotpot which was great!! They didn't have a vegetarian broth (the default one was dried fish + kelp I think), so I just had water, with miso paste mixed in. 

Yam, some unknown chinese melon, corn, mushrooms, alfalfa, baby corn, tomatoes, tofu, pumpkin and shirataki noodles. Yum!! 

I had lots more corn and yam! SO YUMMY.

They also had already-roasted SWEET POTATO! I kinda wiped out half of what was there. They were cold but I dipped them in the hotpot to heat them up. They were so soft and sweet omg!!! I also smuggled a few pieces in my bag to eat at the airport hahaha. :x

My friends saw a small cockroach near the drinks machine o_o We didn't get a stomachache from our food or anything though.

After a bit of last minute magazine & convenience store shopping, we lugged our luggages to a bus stop just beside the entrance of our metro station (Zhongshan Elementary School). A few days back we saw a lady rushing for this bus, and after some Google-ing we found that it could take us to Taoyuan airport! It was much more convenient than the other route that involved taking the train - I can't imagine how I'd be able to handle my nearly-exploding luggage if we were to do that!

The bus was comfortable. I spent the most part of the journey sleeping, and I think my friends all fell asleep too!

However, we had this really rude and unhelpful bus driver >:( We've seen all the other bus drivers help passengers with their luggage. Ours didn't even try helping any of us load or unload the luggages!!! We were visibly struggling and he just stood there watching. UGH.

The bus ride costed NT83 from our stop, and if I remember correctly the ride was about 45 mins to 1 hour. The frequency is about 15 mins, which was what another bus driver told us.

It was a rainy day. Luckily, the weather was good for most of the trip; it rained on 2 other days too but the weather was forecasted to be worse. Also, rain in cooler countries doesn't feel as horrible as rain in Singapore. Maybe because of the difference in humidity.

Talking about the difference in humidity, I love going to drier countries. I miss how my hair was like in Taiwan - it was still frizzy, but it was significantly less frizzy! And how my face didn't seem as oily (maybe because I didn't sweat much). Sigh the moisture-rich air in Singapore doesn't suit my hair.

This is another bus at the same bus stop. It seems like it goes to Taoyuan airport too!
All our luggages were stuffed to the brim!

I'm really glad that we've become closer through this trip!! 
Hopefully there'll be many years of friendship to come ^^

We flew by Jetstar; I have no idea why our air ticket looked like this. The lady at the counter was SO STRICT omg. In all my years of flying I've never encountered this. She limited us to only 2 pieces hand-carry, so we had to check in 4 luggages (though only Cassandra & I bought the check-in baggage thing) because all of us already had 2 pieces of hand carry, excluding the luggage. Luckily we had 40kg available for check-in - I initially thought that it was more than enough!

Anyway, our flight was delayed and we could only start boarding at about 7.55pm. We got to Singapore on time though!

A blurry but beautiful aerial night scene. 

Here's what I bought: 
  • 8 pieces of clothing, including one hood thing that I've got no idea when I'll wear ._.
  • Furry panda cap (NT150) and kitty flats (NT200)
  • Sunglasses (NT200)
  • 6 packets of chewing gum. :x Chewing gum is hard to quit, even though I know that they're filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients. I've never checked whether chewing gum is vegan. *living in denial*
  • Lotsa food, including a brown sugar ginger blocks which are to be made into a drink. (NT500 for 3 packs)
  • Miniatures, cute stationery, towels and llamas!
  • Japanese magazines from 2013, just to look at the pretty pictures! (NT79 each)

Cute overpriced (NT150) smelly tofu magnet!

That's the end of my posts about Taiwan. Sigh I really miss it and the fun times with my friends!

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  1. the haul is adorable! can i have those pretty tops and the kitty flats and oh of course the llamas please?! =^-^= kay, thanks, bye.
    ~ maisy : )