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Vegan BABY FOOD! ☺

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No one's having a baby in my family or anything. LOL. I've just always wondered what baby food tasted like! I mean, haven't you? All the colourful packets and bottles of mush with delicious sounding names?! Haha maybe it's just me. 

So, I was super happy to find reduced-to-clear baby food at Cold Storage at One-north!! Vegan, organic, unsweetened, unsalted, and at a great discount!!! :D I wish adult food was like that (vegan, organic, unsweetened, unsalted) too. 

All of these baby foods are generally yellow/ brown in colour, and are delicious when chilled! I think these aren't what a baby eats on a regular basis, since they're all quite sweet; these are baby food desserts, I believe. I like the pretty packaging too - the opening is kinda like a Ribena packet.

I love to buy reduced-to-clear stuff lols. Win-win for both me and the supermarket. Also, it'll be such a waste of food and packaging when it expires and has to be thrown away! So it's win-win-win for me, the supermarket and the environment haha. It does take some time at the cashier and it's a hassle for the cashier person to key in the price and all (he/she must get really annoyed oops), (AND you'll also feel like a cheapskate) but it's so worth it! Things rarely expire as quickly as they're expiration date says it does. ^^

(Pardon the inconsistent image colours)

I chose 3 flavours from the BABY Gourmet brand. These are 128ml each. Each was below $1.00 when discounted! ^^

100 kcal/pouch (2 servings)

Smooth and creamy. It'll probably be good when frozen! :)
Rating (taste-wise): 9/10

70 kcal/pouch (2 servings)

I taste more of the apples and sweet potato than the berries. But still delicious - I love apples and sweet potatoes!!

110 kcal/pouch (2 servings)

This is my favourite out of all the baby foods here! I like it because it's thick, with some tiny bits of rice to chew on, and it's not too sweet. The name sounds so enticing - fruit risotto

I chose 2 from the Earth's Best Organic brand. Each pouch is 120g. I don't know what's with the price difference (is it because of expiry date?), but the one on the left is $0.92 and the one on the right is $1.70 (the most expensive out of all these) when discounted.

70 kcal/pouch (1 serving) 
I like that they specifically said that its vegan!

It's refreshingly tart from the cranberries!

70 kcal/pouch (1 serving)

I'd never have known that butternut squash and pear could go so well together! There's also little grainy bits from the pear! :)

2 flavours from the Plum brand. These are the smallest pouches (100g), so they're the most expensive per gram (when comparing discounted price). It's nice that they tell you the percentage of ingredients used!

83 kcal/pouch (1 serving)

I think this is the worst tasting of this whole lot. It kinda tastes like traditional chinese medicine because of the prune LOL. I usually like prunes, but I don't know why it tastes horrible here!

52 kcal/pouch (1 serving)

The taste of blackcurrent is quite prominent, though it's only 2% of the ingredients.

I'll definitely purchase them if I find them on reduced-to-clear again! ^^ It's not an 'everyday' food though, since it's processed - fresh is best! These also contain quite little fibre, about 2g per pouch. However, I think they'll be really convenient as a snack to bring in your bag/purse - if you don't mind people judging you for eating baby food LOL.

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