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Hello! Sorry for the hiatus, I've been busy with schoolwork lately. With my final year project, a torrent of reports & assignments and test-week coming up, I've got little time and energy to blog. But once it's the school holidays (in about 2 weeks) I'll probably be posting at least once every two days - I've got lotsa posts I've been meaning to write!

So meanwhile, I thought that I'll share with you some of my favourite Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. I've got a list of my favourite blogs above, but frankly, I rarely visit blogs. :x

(All of the following are not in any order)


1. There's an Elephant in the Room

Besides than it's intriguing name, this page has lotsa thought-provoking quotes and pictures. Posts are frequent too!

For wonderfully original quotes-on-photos in English, French, Spanish and German. Plus delicious-looking recipes from Fleur Holl.

One of the first vegan pages I've 'liked'. Photos and stories of farm animals. You have no idea how adorable, intelligent and unique (as in, they each have their own individual personality) they are! I would love to visit the sanctuary someday!

Yet another intriguing name. I love what she says! She focuses on abolitionist vegan education and animal rights. Her blog is great too. 

As it's name suggests, it shares information and photos about animal rights and welfare.

Amazingly thought-provoking original artwork by Jo Frederiks. Like WOW.
Photo: Welcome to the Party.

 "Poor countries sell their grain to the west while their own children starve in their arms. And the west feeds it to livestock. So we can eat a steak? Am I the only one who sees this as a crime? Every morsel of meat we eat is slapping the tear-stained face of a hungry child." - Philip Wollen

Vegan news, recipes and products. Nice quotes-on-photos too!

Shares about animal welfare, quotes and recipes. With the occasional cute farm animal photos.

COMICS. Need I say more. (Also on Twitter)

Those pages listed above are more about ethical veganism. Well, this page is about the health aspect of it! They don't specifically mention veganism, but all the recipes and infographics are are about fruits, vegetables and other plant-based whole foods. Everything looks so amazingly vibrant!

(That's what I wanna be!) This page shares about health (eg. dangers of processed meat, sources of vegan protein etc.) and fitness, plus the occasional vegan humour.
Photo: Two truths about protein:
1. You don't need as much as you think you do. Ideally, protein consumption is around 10% of total calories. This is about 0.8-1.2 grams per kilogram bodyweight per day. Athletes (especially strength athletes) may require closer to 1.2-1.5 grams per kilograms bodyweight per day, which can all easily be reached by eating adequate calories from whole plant foods.
2. All essential amino acids can be found in plants. Plant foods come loaded with the perfect amount of protein, packaged together with disease-preventing phytochemicals and fiber - two classes of nutrients available *only* in plants. Plant foods also are devoid of harmful saturated fats, cholesterol, hormones, steroids, IGF-1, heme iron, and veterinary medication residues. Food combining is unnecessary.
Eat a wide variety of whole plant foods, adequate calories to meet your daily needs, and you will have just the right amount of protein.
--->Protein and a Plant-Based Diet:
--->3 Myths About Protein and a Plant-Based Diet:
---> Animal protein restriction vs. calorie restriction:
---> videos on protein:
--->T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies on the Mystique of Protein:
--->Dr. T. Colin Campbell on protein (video):
--->Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets:
*Image by Vegan Street


1. Vegan Tweeter (@vegantweeter)
Alex has many interesting and quirky tweets! Plus there's the more-than-occasional photos of drool-worthy food he eats in NYC. I WANNA GO NYC OMG.

2. Vegan Revolution (@VeganRevolution)
For thought-provoking tweets. They also offer free advice on how to transition to veganism if you simply DM them! They've also produced some online films (that were banned from YouTube) - the first one is Bliss Is Ignorance (which I've downloaded but have yet to watch) and the next one is Comfort In Despair (newly released). 

3. Physicians Committee (@PCRM)
Focuses more on the health aspect of veganism/non-veganism. Mostly news and scientific studies.

4. Vegan Problems (@MyVeganProblems)
Her tweets are funny, amusing and relatable! Also on Instagram.

5. Vegan (@vegan)
Tweets encouraging quotes and shares about the latest vegan news.
Actually I'm just following it mostly because of the twitter handle.

6. Love-Vegan (@GoLoveVegan)
Shares mostly about health-related news articles and links.

7. Vegan Future (@veganfuture)
Tweets about vegan health news and articles about animal welfare. There's also some vegan recipes and new products.

8. The Vegan Society (@TheVeganSociety)
Mostly about the vegan happenings in UK. Hmm. Also following mostly because of the twitter handle!


1. Freelee The Banana Girl
She really inspires me to embark on a high carb raw vegan lifestyle! :D Her videos are educational and she seems really down-to-earth and not at all fake.

2. The Vegan Zombie
I've been watching their videos even before I became a vegetarian! They are a vegan cooking show and they concoct many great recipes for foods such as pizza, vegan omelettes, chocolate cake and raw cake. So inspiring!

Really informative and science-y videos about health issues! They have categories such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and every single video is backed up with studies. 

I'll probably update this list if there's any changes! So. See you in 2 week's time! ^^

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