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-mini rant-

Plagiarism. Slightly flattering, but mostly frustrating.

This was quite a few months back. My IG friend Margaret (@plantstrongvegan) alerted me about this - some of my Instagram followers are really nice to tag me in pics where people took my photos and didn't credit. :') (So touched that they'd actually bother! And that they recognise my photos!) Anyway, I commented and I didn't get a reply.

Of course, I feel that plagiarism of anything on the internet is kinda inevitable. And photos are really easy to screenshot & save. Also, some people don't do it intentionally - they just found it floating around on Tumblr or We Heart It etc.

Well, at that point in time I really regretted not watermarking all my photos. And I brought it on myself that that I didn't bother doing so...

I saw this on my Twitter feed and I was like "Oh! That's mine!" and was kinda pleased with the compliment, but of course on the whole it's not a nice feeling. I commented but got no reply HMPH.

Did they not like my font?
Did they not like my bench?

This was the original. It's on my blog too!


-end of mini rant-

Of course I don't expect anything to happen with this post. 
It's nice to talk about it though. Thanks for reading! ^^

Note: Busy with my schoolwork and projects, so I probably won't be posting much here and on Instagram!

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  1. Hi Sy... It's so sad that people would take your work and do that!!! :( But is also shows how good your food is. That people even want to use them for their tweets/posts!!! Don't give up on posting, and plagiarism shows what kind of people they are. Not who you are. You cook amazing food and everyone knows that. Jia You!!! It's okay to rant as well. Hope you felt better after writing this post.