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Jiv Jago Vegetarian Cafe @ Bugis (Bali Lane) [CLOSED DOWN]

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I've seen reviews of Jiv Jago Vegetarian Cafe before, but I've never thought of it as a must-try place for me, since much of the food are deep-fried and have lotsa mock meat. However, my friend and I were in that area, and Bali Lane (located beside Haji Lane) was nearer to us than Fortune Centre haha.

The decor is simple with brick walls and wooden tables.

It's NOT AIR-CONDITIONED. O_O (There's an air-con in the top right but it's not switched on.) It was kinda cooling, but we were out walking* in the sweltering heat...

*We went to the New 2U Thrift shop at Waterloo Street, but the clothes didn't suit our tastes (or maybe the good ones were all taken T.T) and so we went to shop at Bugis Street. And then we walked the wrong direction and had to backtrack in the really hot weather. Heh. 

This cafe serves Western food. It's self-service and there's no service charge or GST. You pay when you order.

I find the food to be quite pricey :/ 

Plus there's no indication of which is vegan and which isn't (those blue magnets don't mean anything right?). The pizzas and Aloo Burger (potato patty) were not available.

I got the Fish Burger ($12.00) while my friend got the BBQ Beef Chop ($13.50).

I felt very very very weird to be ordering a fish burger. ._.

Customer's feedback!

Here's my Fish Burger! It's simpler than expected. I asked for the cheese to be omitted, but I didn't think to ask about the mayo. (I don't know if they use vegan cheese. I should've said that I'm a vegan at the counter -_-" ) It seems like it's veganaise though!

Still, I scraped it off. There was a whole lot of it, but thankfully it was quite thick and... solid (my friend said it looked like udon noodles lol) so it was easy to remove. I don't like mayo, even if it's vegan. 

The burger has a slice of tomato, deep-fried 'fish', iceberg lettuce (and cheese & mayo) between two fluffy white buns. I liked that the lettuce was fresh and crisp, and not limp. However, the 'fish' was soooooo oily omg. Halfway through it I couldn't take it anymore, and blotted it between the paper napkins. :x The texture looked quite like fish, but it's more like a cross between fish + bread when it's in your mouth.

Also, I would've preferred shoe-string fries to crinkle cut, but I still finished it lols. Because I eat what I order, and I order what I eat. (Quote via Durianrider.) Almost always. Thought it's really not a good habit in the face of high-fat high-sodium processed foods. :|

I felt that the meal was very dry. Since my dish didn't really have sauce and they don't seem to serve water.

My friend (she's non-veg) thought that her Beef Chop was very surprisingly realistic! It was deep-fried and super oily though. The portion size was quite big and she couldn't finish it! Lols she was shocked that a meal with The Vegan could be so unhealthy haha.

Overall, I think I'll probably not be coming back here anytime soon. Way too high-fat for me (but if deep-fried food is your kinda thing, then go ahead!). I'm kinda curious about the pizzas and pastas though!

Jiv Jago Vegetarian Cafe
17 Bali Lane (beside Haji Lane, nearest to Bugis MRT)
Singapore 189853
Open Monday-Saturday
Phone: 9679 6722

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