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Real Food @ West Coast Plaza

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Lunched at West Coast Plaza's Real Food with my parents before going for a weekend staycation (at Movenpick Heritage Hotel on Sentosa) a few weeks ago!

This is Organic Mushroom Aglio Olio ($7.80) that Dad ordered. I believe that he didn't think that it was great and he kept on eating my food LOL.

This is what I ordered. Dumpling Noodles Dry ($8.80). As always, I ordered the dumplings because I feel that it's the most yummy and value-for-money! Usually, I get dumpling soup with rice but this time I had it with noodles for a change. ^^ The noodles were smooth and chewy, yum!! And the chili was great too - I liked it but I can't differentiate good and bad chili; my parents liked it a lot though.

It looks quite little but there was a whole lot of noodles!! ^^

Mum got the Dumpling Soup ($7.00) without rice or noodles - I can't remember why. But this time, the soup was much more oily than the previous times when I ate it!! :O

Here you see Mum scooping the oil off the soup. Lols. 

We also ordered a side dish, Organic Potato Wedges ($6.80). This was a waste of money. Just a few bites. ._.


A few months back I went to Real Food with my friend.

I don't think that I've showed the interior before. It's small and quite cosy!

Sit at this place for good lighting if you're planning to take photos :) Depends on the weather though, of course. The table at the other end (in this picture) is the best imo. LOL.

The tables at this side are good also, but not in gloomy weather. I like the shelf of colourful magazines! :)

This is the Portobello Burger ($13.80). I've had it before and this time it looked and tasted even better! It's a fried portobello mushroom with fresh greens and organic soy mayo, served with dehydrated fruit chips (which were more chewy than crispy). The menu said 'spicy option available' so I asked for that. The cashier (which is where we place our orders) was kinda confused about the spicy option though. In the end I think there was just some chili flakes on the patty lols.

It was delicious! Crispy outside and juicy inside. The best portobello mushroom burger EVER.

The bread is so fluffy!

So juicy!!!

My friend had Baked Brown Rice ($13.80) which she enjoyed! The rice has a mix of different ingredients. This isn't vegan though; it'll be nice if they had vegan cheese!!!!!!!!

We had ice cream too. It's ice cream from Brownice, I believe.

I can't remember the price ($3.50 per scoop?) but it was a smaller scoop than those you'd get at Brownice. Plus it's a fixed price per scoop, it doesn't get cheaper even when you order more!

This is Strawberry (my favourite) and Hazelnut Coffee (her favourite). ^^

I guess I like the West Coast Plaza outlet the most. Because it's near my house. LOL. Also because the lighting is quite good. :x


154 West Coast Road

(West Coast Plaza)
Singapore 127371
T: +65 68721440

(Full list of outlets on their website or in this post!)

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