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ROTI Alka's Kitchen + Giveaway!!

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I was invited to Roti - Alka's Kitchen for a late lunch on Sunday! :) I brought a friend along and we ate until we were stuffed!

Oops I didn't take a photo of the storefront again. Anyway, the shop decor has improved from the last time I was here! As you can see, they specialize in Asian Fusion (North Indian) food that's healthy, fresh, free of MSG and is wholewheat whenever possible! :)

Here's what we were served. There were 2 more dishes too!

We both got the Limca Lemon Float - I didn't get the scoop of ice cream though, since their ice creams aren't vegan. The Limca Lemon drink is kinda like Sprite or 7-up, but more lemony and not cloyingly sweet. It's supposedly very popular in India, and it's only sold in 2 places (including here) in Singapore. The magical thing is that ice cream doesn't melt with it. Like the scoop of ice cream that was on the float was still quite solid after the whole meal. WOW. 

The Thumbs Up Cola is also a popular drink in India!

The Mushroom Soup was creamier than expected, even though I had the vegan version with no added cream! It doesn't have MSG, but it was borderline too-salty. But then again I find 95% of the (savoury) food I eat out to be too salty haha. My friend found it just right.

These are papadum/ appadum Crackers. Very crispy! Somewhat salty. They were roasted and not oily at all. These also happen to be gluten free (I can't remember what flour they're made of though). Great to have with the soup!

Next up came the Coal-oven Grilled Tikkas and the Wholewheat Stuffed Flatbread. The tikkas we were served was a mix of 3 types of tikkas. Mine was 'chicken', 'mutton' and cauliflower, if I'm not wrong. It was of a good spiciness, yum! The non-vegan version has paneer (Indian cheese) and yogurt by the way.

We both loved the mock meats!! If you've not tried their mock meats yet, I highly suggest that you do! They're like a different level of deliciousness from those pre-made, from-a-package vegetarian stall kinds. 

My only qualm is that there were quite a few burnt bits, which I picked out. Haha I guess that's the point of using a coal-oven though. ._. Coal-ovens are supposedly rare and hard to master.

The stuffed flatbread was slightly oily, but it's very flavourful! The non-vegan version has some dairy. Also, the chili sauce was thick and averagely spicy! ^^

This is a Mini Wrap, which is a small version of their signature dish. The wrap is wholewheat and made right in their kitchen on that very day! I've had their wraps and mini-wraps before, and this was as good as I'd remembered it to be. It was filled with veggies, mock meat and some sauce. 

This wasn't on the above menu. I've had this before too! It's a type of chaat (savoury snack) and it's called Pani Puri. The soup-like thing is to be poured into the little egg-shaped parcels, which are filled with potato, pepper and wheat puffs. And it's meant to be eaten in one mouth! Haha I probably didn't eat it the right way the first time.

The soup, which is savoury, sweet, salty and spicy altogether, is taken as a drink in India, and this dish can be served at both the start and end of a meal. It has a nice tamarind taste and it's kinda refreshing. It's not really spicy (but it's spicy enough to feel it in your stomach). We were challenged to down the soup in one shot... and so we did. Lols. I strongly suggest that you don't do it if you have a weak stomach or poor digestion or low tolerance to spicy food. Really, don't.

When we'd expected the meal to be over, there came THIS! It's a Waffle topped with chocolate sauce, chopped apples and fresh mango cubes. The non-vegan one has a scoop of ice cream.

I loved the chocolate sauce!! It's made with jaggery (unrefined sugar made from sugar cane/ date palms/ coconut) and what's amazing is that it TASTES LIKE KITKAT. Wow. It's like super thick, chocolate-y and rich! Another interesting thing is that it looks flowy, but the consistency is much more like Nutella (or even thicker). Yum yum.

The waffle was made with lentil flour!! How interesting. It was chewy and slightly dry but the fruits and chocolate sauce kinda balanced that out. Because it's made with lentil flour, it's also gluten-free and high-protein. Plus little fat is used so the waffle itself (not the chocolate) is really low in fat!

Ah, it'll be wonderful if they had vegan ice cream!!

Overall, it was a great meal. (Even though I didn't have to pay for this meal, I've been very unbiased about what I'd liked and didn't like!) I love how they're very willing to modify their food to cater to various dietary requirements - vegan, garlic-free, onion-free, non-spicy etc.! You can see that there's a lot of thought and sincerity put into making the food - plus they actually do care about your health. Chef Alka is also very friendly and approachable! The prices are also very reasonable, and they're coming up with new items on their menu, such as desserts like the one above. ^^

They've kindly provided me with some dining vouchers to share with my readers (SG only)!
I have FIVE vouchers worth $10 EACH. All you have to do is to drop me an email at, telling me why you'd like to win one. I'll pick five by 27 July 2014. Only winners will be notified (by email).

Meanwhile, there's also a Free Wrap Day this coming Thursday!
All you need to do is to present this image:

Enjoy!! ^^

#B1-22/23, West Coast Plaza
154, West Coast Road
Singapore 127371

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