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"The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world." - Dr. Paul Farmer

I'm sure that most of you (if you're from Singapore) have heard about the pregnant monkey being knocked down by a car two days ago. Many have expressed their anger towards the driver and their condolences towards the monkeys...

Yes, it is sad. Not trying to play down the death, but when people (including self-proclaimed 'animal lovers') condemn others about animal cruelty, do they stop to think about the torture that they themselves inflict on other animals? Why is it fine to harm pigs, cows, chickens, ducks etc. and yet horrendously wrong to harm monkeys, dolphins, sharks, giraffes, elephants etc.?

It's either due to misinformation or being uninformed (sometimes deliberately). They choose not to realise that they're funding violence towards animals when they buy meat, dairy, eggs or other animal products. For the monkey involved, it's a few minutes a pain, but for those in the meat/dairy/egg industry, it's a lifetime of hell. And it's not just factory farming either; there's no such thing as humane meat. Animals are not our property, they're not here for us to use, abuse, exploit and enslave. They each have their own reasons for living.

And so, veganism is the only way to opt out of the nightmare that results in the unnecessary deaths of almost 60 billion sentient land animals annually for consumption alone (quoted from; note that it's just land animals).

I've not written such a serious post before. I'll probably write a longer, more detailed post about veganism in a few weeks too, since I've recently realised that people around me are quite (much more than I thought) mis-/un-informed about veganism. There are many many instances where I see similar speciesist (?) posts on my Facebook feed and my blood boils but I don't do anything. I should do something.

To end off, every meal is a choice. To you it's just a meal, but to him/her, it's his/her life.

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