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Gopal's Indian Vegetarian Restaurant @ Farrer Park

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Went for lunch at Gopal's yesterday with my parents an a family friend. We don't usually head to Little India but we went to this particular restaurant because we bought a Groupon a few months back LOL.

The restaurant is much small than I'd expected it to be. We went by car but it's just a 5 minute walk from Farrer Park MRT station. 

The interior is simple and quite plain.. except for the paintings. When we entered, the waiter (?) (a slim Indian guy) immediately asked if we were here for the Groupon deal LOL. Must've been because we were Chinese. And the Groupon expires sometime next month. At that time, it was about 1pm (Saturday) and there were about 4 other patrons I think.

I initially thought that the spread was quite small, but actually, it's quite a good number of items! They don't have any labels though. So for the non-Indian you'll probably not know what you're taking/eating haha. 

The plates are more like mirrors LOL. Huge. Use those small bowls for the sides.

The waiter was nice and friendly. He knew which items were vegan and which weren't, and he pointed them out to me... I think there were 5 items with dairy, excluding the yoghurt rice and yoghurt at the end. But I forgot which they were (oops) and just didn't eat the one that obviously contained dairy - the one with paneer (Indian curd cheese). 

At the start of the table there's saffron basmati rice, white rice (which I didn't eat), noodles and fried rice. The saffron rice was nice and fragrant, and my dad really like the noodles - because they're quite chinese-style. Even though I don't really like yellow noodles, I must agree that it's quite yummy! The fried rice was not bad. All these here are vegan.

Two hardly-spicy curries (?) and some greenish clear thing that I didn't try. All are vegan.

The one on the left looks like it has tofu, but it's actually paneer, so I didn't take it. The one in the middle was good! Like mock meat in some spicy thick sauce I think. The veggies on the right were well cooked and surprisingly spicy. 

And then I was too caught up in scooping food that I forgot to take a photo of the last 3 items. -_- You can roughly see them in this photo - at the top it's this AMAZING CAULIFLOWER thing. It's like coated in batter and some stuff, such that you can hardly even tell that it's cauliflower! So yummy!
The spinach dish beside it was average. I didn't even notice if it really was spinach; I'd just assumed lols. Oh yes and in my first mouthful I ate a big piece of dried chili and it was so spicy I was starting to sweat. Haha
The fried veggies at the bottom of this photo were crispy and chewy and delicious too!

Other than the spread, there's also a tiny tiny salad bar and this other pot filled with clear soup (that I didn't try). Also, there's a free flow of chapati and dosai. They're freshly made upon ordering so it takes a while. But it's worth it. THE CHAPATI IS SO GOOD. It's like toasty hot, soft and fluffy, and not dry like other chapatis I've had. Great to mop up all the curries and sauces with. YUM. Why did I only have one omg craving for it now. -_- I saw 2 patrons leaving like half a chapati each on their plates oh why they're so gooood.

The dosai was not bad too, but it was oily (as they usually are) so I prefer the non-oily chapati. But that's like comparing an apple to an avocado.

I think that they don't use ghee, if I heard correctly.

The items are really filling - the sides are quite high-fat I guess. So my parents and uncle (yes we call older male non-relatives 'uncle' here) were done after like 1.5 rounds. But I continued and had like 3 rounds lolol. Then my dad was like OMG OMG OMG because he was shocked (yet again) that I could eat so much... I mean like hello have you not seen how I've eaten the last couple of years?? 

The cauliflower dish is the one to the right of the spinach! And that's the fried veggies at the very right.

Photos turn out quite yellow. 

This was above the buffet table. It's a nice initiative but I didn't actually see it being enforced!

I googled 'hare krishna', fully expecting for it to mean 'menu' or 'specials', but it's actually a mantra. Interesting.

Overall, the food's good (out of all I've tried, the only thing I didn't like was the lime drink - it was just weird and diluted), the location is convenient, and it's nice and quiet. Service is good too! I'm not sure if the price has changed but the Groupon was worth $64 for 4 pax; $16 is quite a reasonable price.

Oh yes, and the friendly waiter mentioned that he became a vegetarian first and he was the only vegetarian in the family, but he slowly influenced his mum (if I remember correctly) to be one too! How nice! ^^

(Sorry if I sound crazy at any point in this post because its 2am and I'm tired but in the mood to write hehe)

Gopal's Dining & Catering
517 Serangoon Road
5 minute walk from Farrer Park MRT
Singapore 218156
Phone: 9853 3353
Opening hours: see photo above!

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