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Another Mustafa Haul! :)

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For another post on Mustafa, view this link.
Went shopping at Mustafa yesterday with a few of my friends! It was a Sunday and also Hari Raya Haji, so the crowds were crazyyyy!!! What were we thinking choosing to to yesterday. It was fine when we stepped in but afterwards, when we exited entrance/exit 5, and wanted to go back to entrance/exit 1 (to buy watches), the security guards wouldn't let anyone in because there were too many people. The monitor showing the number of people was red. They told us to go back to entrance 5 to go in. ._. So we're going back this coming Saturday instead. Heh.

But it really felt like we weren't in Singapore wow. Like both outside and inside Mustafa there were like throngs of people omg. It was an interesting experience. When we entered City Square Mall it felt like we were back in Singapore. Lols.

Since I went with my friends (which means public transport back home), I didn't buy a whole lot. It cost me $58.00 though!! 

Medjool dates ($5.90 per 500g)
The medjool dates aren't as cheap as the previous time I bought it (it was $3.90 per 500g), and I couldn't find those that came in a box! :( It's still cheaper than those sold in the supermarkets!

Bob's Red Mill millet ($4.10)
They've got tons of Bob's Red Mill items, though I'm not so sure how the prices compare to those in regular supermarkets. [Update: It's $4.95 at Jason's] I've not tried cooking millet before! I'll probably pack it into my lunchbox for work.

Za'atar spice mix ($3.50)
Kinda expensive but it seems like a nice spice to cook tofu with! ^^ I think Pita Pan has za'atar pitas.

Charlie's Whole Fruit Smoothies
$3.50 per 300ml
$6.90 per 1L
I'm quite sure that there were single-serve bottles going at $1 each the previous time I was there, but I didn't get any -_- Haven't tried them yet but they all sound yummy!

Sheese Mild Cheddar ($8.50)
It's soy-based. I don't miss cheese in my diet but these sound good. It's so pricey compared to dairy cheese.. but animals don't have to pay with their lives for this.

There are 6-7 types available!

Mountain Bread Tomato & Basil ($3.90)
I've not seen this flavour before! This with the Sheese seems like a good combination.
[Update: $6.80 for unflavoured wraps at Jason's]

Zesta Peach Tea and Banana Tea ($2.60 each)
Banana tea?!?!?! I had to get it. I'm drinking a cup now with a splash of almond milk and a couple drops of stevia. It smells quite strong (in the artificial banana flavouring way) when you smell the tea bag but taste-wise it's very mild. I've not tried the peach tea but it should taste fine.
I like the Zesta brand of tea. The masala chai tea I got previously was good. And it's so cheap because one box has 25 bags which means it's about $0.10 each!! They have lotsa different flavours too. The boxes don't show the ingredient list, but as long as you don't get the honey flavour it should be vegan.

Marie biscuits ($1.20, on promo)
I got this for my parents to snack on hehe. I had no idea that these were vegan! Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, partially inverted sugar syrupm barley malt extract, raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), salt.

Yup so that's all I bought! :) 

Some wonderful looking things that I didn't buy:

Artisana spreads! Wow! I didn't know that Mustafa carried them. Prices ranged from about $6 to $11 per jar I think.

Amy's Soups! I've not tried any before, maybe next time!

This box of dates is SUPER PRETTY but it's also SUPER EXPENSIVE. $21.50 for less then 1kg.

So interesting!!!! 

The one on the left is vegan, the one on the right is not. Sounds like liquid sugar (21g sugar per cup omg?!) but I might try the mocha one next time.

Also, why aren't there any strawberry/ chocolate flavoured soy milk in the supermarkets? Like the Powerbeans or Nutrisoy or Sobe brand? Not that I like them but WHY.

Oh yes. PAM Olive Oil spray was going at $1 PER CAN. WOW. I didn't get one because I've not finished the one at home. I bought it at $6.50 at Mustafa last time?!?!?!

As before, I didn't get any fresh produce. If I did I'd probably regret it all the way home haha.

You can get to Mustafa from Farrer Park MRT (on NEL). 
Here's some good directions: 

Best not to go if it's a Sunday and a public holiday. Heh.

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