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Brownice (ice cream & pizza & cake!) @ Upper Thomson

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Brownice again with my friends on Saturday!

They've quite a few new items, such as pizza and cakes.

Plus they have earlier opening hours! Which means we could head there for lunch, and so we did. There was just a family there when we entered and two other patrons when we left.

Two of my friends got brownies, which I had before and I felt that it was very rich and chocolatey. My friends enjoyed it a lot. The usual how-can-this-be-vegan, it-tastes-better-than-non-vegan-food exclamations when I bring people to Brownice for the first time. Haha :D

I had dark chocolate + peanut butter caramel ice cream on a fluffy waffle! Loved the chocolate, though it got a bit too chocolatey for me towards the end. The PB caramel was not bad, though I'd like the peanut taste to be stronger. I also taste tested the black sesame ice cream, but I felt that it was too sweet and not nutty enough. Sadly I didn't see any of the exotic flavours that's been posted on their FB page!

We also ordered a pizza. On my previous visit to Brownice about 4 months (omg it's been 4 months?!) ago, I had their pizza too!
You can see that it was quite a small pizza back then. 

But now they're bigger! (And pricier haha.) This is 10", I think the previous one was 8". We got the BBQ Chicken pizza. 

The crust was really nice - thin and crispy. Better than the 4-months-ago one, which was already good. And the 'chicken' bits look quite real and tasted not bad. Flavour-wise it was fine...

And it wasn't only me who thought so, but all of us were downing water after eating it. Picking off the olive bits helped quite a bit.

I ate mine with ice cream. So the sweet can balance out the salty. Haha.

It'll be great if the tomato sauce (I think that was it?) was lower in sodium. I think the pizza I had on my previous trip was just right. It'll be even better if there was like rocket or spinach on some of the pizzas!

Also, I think fruit pizzas will sell very well. Like banana + PB + choc or strawberries + peach + cashew cheese. Just a thought!

There were 4 cakes (all vegan, gluten-free and no-bake) available:
Carrot cake ($8.50), red velvet cake ($8.50), matcha cheesecake ($6.80) and oreo cheesecake ($6.80)

I shared a carrot cake. On the label it said that this was raw and virtually fat and sugar free (or something like that). Two of my friends really didn't like it. "Tastes like sawdust" LOL. Yeah, it definitely tastes healthy. Maybe I should've picked the cheesecakes. But my other friend and I thought that this was nice. 

It really really tastes like something I made before. Though the texture of this is much better since I didn't have a food processor then. And this has more carrots packed into each slice, I believe.

There's dried fruit bits in this too!

The plating is pretty. ^^

I'd like to try the other pizzas and cakes next time! Though I hope the pizzas won't be so salty then. Still, Brownice remains as my #1 favourite place to bring non-vegan friends for the first time - since 
1. everything's vegan (and so everything can be shared), 
2. people love ice cream and waffles, 
3. the food (at least the ice cream, waffles and brownies) is consistently good such that people almost always say something along the lines of "how can this be vegan?!", and
4. it's quite affordable. 
It'll be wonderful if there's free wifi though. Hehe. ^^

Sin Ming Centre (about 10 mins walk from Marymount MRT)
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628
Tel: 6456 6431 

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  1. OMG! I totally agree that it's the #1 place for me to bring my friends and family too! I was looking forward to trying their exotic flavours too but there wasn't any! We should have a Vegan gathering there one day! :)

    1. Hahaha omg yes a vegan gathering!!! I'd love to :D Hopefully there'll be exotic flavours available the next time we go!