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The Boneless Kitchen @ Bukit Merah

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I heard of Boneless Kitchen quite a while back, and I finally went there for dinner last Friday with my parents! I was really looking forward to it because vegan Korean food is rare. It's quite out-of-the-way; you'll probably need to take a bus there. I met my parents at Queenstown MRT and my dad drove us all over.

It was quite empty when we entered at about 6.45pm but it was more crowded after 7pm. By the way, it's located just beside another vegetarian eatery.

They're more well-known for their Korean food I think! Most of the other patrons I saw there were eating a bibimbap or stew. 

They have symbols showing which have egg and dairy, and none of the items have garlic and onion. 
Other than Korean and Oriental, there's also Italian food! Only the Mushroom pasta and Aglio Olio are vegan though :(

So we ordered items that were vegan. Dad also got the Honey Citron/ginger Tea, and the cashier said that it wasn't vegan. It's nice to know that they know ^^

First up was the Kimchi Pancakes ($3). It was crispy outside and soft inside, with bits of kimchi everywhere. The menu gave it one 'chili' but it was hardly even spicy. Still, I enjoyed it! No idea how this compares to others though; its my first time having kimchi pancakes :x

This is the Dolsot Bibimbap ($7.50). There's a choice of 5 sauces, 4 of which are vegan. We got the tom yum one.

It's topped with carrot, corn, beansprouts, cucumber, mock meat strips, purple cabbage, baby spinach, seaweed and white sesame. Kinda pricey for rice + veggies + sauce, but that's the normal price for hot stone bibimbap I guess.

Dad mixed in almost all the sauce. It was quite difficult to mix actually. Maybe because the sauce was dry!

Taste-wise, I found it weird initially because the tom yum paste made it sour. But it tasted better as I ate more heh. My parents enjoyed this the most! They said that it really tastes like tom yum.

The Sweet Potato Noodle ($6.50) looked so different from the picture. Haha. It tasted fine but I didn't find it memorable. 

I thought that the Mushroom Pasta ($7) was not bad. It was creamy enough without being too oily, but I'd have preferred it if there was more mushrooms in place of the mock meat (which seems to be in almost all dishes).

My parents didn't like it lols. My dad thought that the noodles were too fat (as in thick). I think it was slightly overcooked but generally okay. My parents both ranked the bibimbap first, then the sweet potato noodle, and then the mushroom pasta last. LOL. I found them all equally good (or bad, whichever way you see it).

We shared these 4 dishes and it wasn't enough, so we ordered another one. Portion sizes are a little on the small side. I think one person with a normal appetite can easily finish one main + one side.

This is the Kimchi Stew with Ramen ($7), without egg. My first time eating instant noodles in a long looooong time (and for a few years of my childhood I had instant noodles with ketchup every Sunday for breakfast lol). This made me feel like I couldn't remember why I liked instant noodles. :x 

The menu gave this two 'chilis' but it wasn't like really spicy. Still, the soup was not bad; it was 'kimchi' enough. I drank most of it and it was salty but not too salty. (But I was quite thirsty after and I downed a litre of water at home lols.)

Overall, I found that the food here was just a little above average. It made me feel like my tastebuds have spoiled because I didn't find anything to be fantastic. Or maybe I don't know how to appreciate Korean food or good kimchi. :x I'm sure that my parents like the bibimbap, sweet potato noodles and the kimchi stew though, so if you like Korean food this might be a good place to visit since vegan Korean food is quite difficult to find! It would be wonderful if there were more options without dairy and egg though. I liked that it felt like a comfortable and homey place, and the people running/working at the restaurant seem nice and friendly. If I were to come back (which is unlikely since it's not at a very convenient location) I'll get another flavour of bibimbap and try the kimchi dumplings. 

P.S. Try saying Boneless Kitchen. Like without reading the words. Am I the only one who says boneless chicken like half of the time?! -_-

The Boneless Kitchen
Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah #03-4458 S(150011)
Phone: 90232725
Tues - Sun 11:30am - 9pm (last order 8:30pm)

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