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House of Tau Sar Piah @ Balestier Road

By 22:31

I've gone past this store in my dad's car many times before, but I've never tried it. Then, last Saturday, my parents and I were staycationing at Oasia Hotel and we walked to the cinema at Balestier from there (Dad said that it was super near but it was like 2km -_-). 

And we walked past this store on the way. I think Dad was feeling nibblish so we decided to get some piahs, though I was reluctant since I was still full from the buffet.

Oh and by the way, tau sar piah is a round pastry with a flaky crust and a sweet or savoury filling. Tau sar refers to a crumbly mung bean filling, but these piahs can be filled with a variety of ingredients!

We walked in and saw so many variations!

The interior was like old-fashioned factory-ish style. Yeah I don't know how to describe it. :x There's no sitting space; the food's only for takeaway.

Even though the front of the shop displays that the food is vegetarian, I was fully prepared to leave it empty handed. Since I was quite sure that butter is used in the crust. 

But the friendly old man behind the counter told us otherwise! It's made with vegetable oil. Yay it's vegan! ^^ 

So I was glad that we came in!

I chose durian ($0.80), mum chose sweet ($0.60) and dad picked pineapple ($0.70) and yam ($0.60).

We brought it into the cinema to eat hehe. They were warm despite the fact that they looked like they were sitting in the shelf for a while. They were not too sweet, and the crust was flakey, but not so flakey that the bits go all over your mouth & shirt and stick there stubbornly. It would go great with a mug of tea or coffee. ^^ Mum ate hers 2 days later, and it still tasted good.

It was nearing their closing time but there were still many piahs on display. I wonder what they do with them. o_o

It opens 8am - 7pm daily. You can see the address and phone number here:

Totally not related but we went to watch Interstellar. Before entering the cinema I had no clue what it was about... and after leaving I was like "?????". Mum didn't understand the fully either LOL.  Probably because the names and faces were hard to remember. It was 3 hours long and I think the development of the story could've been faster. Like halfway through I was almost feeling resigned that there wouldn't be a climax hahaha. And the jargon they used was confusing. (*spoiler alert*) And I was like ?? at the 'tesseract' and ??? the toilet-roll-tube 'planet' Cooper appeared on at the end. I only got it after reading Wiki's synopsis. LOL. But apparently I must be the shallow one because people my age enjoy it?? Or do they just enjoy being confused? Haha

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  1. Aw thank you so much for your sweet comment - and for following me on Instragram! I do miss my long hair, but change is good, right? :)
    Also, please please post some more of your amazing food inspiration! you always create such wonderful meal art.

    1. Haha you're welcome! Yeah change is good!! ^^ Aww thanks <3 I've been busy with work (..and sometimes I get too caught up with a book that I don't bother taking a photo of my food LOL) but I'll try to post more often hehe! :)