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Simple Vegan Lunchbox Ideas (Part 3)

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In case you didn't read Part 1 and Part 2, these are the lunches & snacks I brought to internship (which ended on 19 Dec).

The photos are quite self-explanatory. But lemme list out everything anyway.

1. Barley grains + pumpkin + carrot
2. Plums + blueberries + goji berries
3. Steamed broccoli + cherry tomatoes
4. Cinnamon puffins + green apple + Charlie's spirulina smoothie (from Mustafa)

A couple of days a week my mum cooks pearl barley overnight in Magic Cooker (a post on that another time). My parents drink the barley water while I eat the grains! ^^

1. Rice pasta with a pumpkin-nooch (nutritional yeast) sauce
2. Snow peas + bean curd pan-fried in oil spray
3. Cherry tomatoes
4 Quinoa granola + apples + Charlie's berry smoothie

The rice pasta is from Giant! It comes in this other shape on the left too, which I've yet to try. The only ingredients are rice and water, and it costs less than S$2 each if I remember correctly.

Rice pasta is a bit rubbery than regular wheat pasta...but it's still not bad.

I just found out the Phonto app lets you curve words omg why did I not know earlier?!?!

1. Baked sweet potato chips + Annie's organic ketchup
2. Jap cucumber + cherry tomatoes
3. Chinese spinach + button mushroom + chili cooked in grandma's ginger chili
4. Green apple + plum + Larabar + cinnamon puffins

I feel that Larabars (or actually almost every bar) are overpriced - for example this Cashew Cookie flavour is just made of cashews and dates. It's super easy to make by yourself and you can call it yournamebar. Serenebar lol. But I have to admit that I like it because it's individually packaged & convenient and I can just throw a couple into my bag when I'm rushing out!

1. Rice pasta + shredded carrot + mushroom + Annie's ketchup
2. Tempeh + sweet peas + chili
3. Romaine lettuce + cherry tomatoes + raisins
4. Granola + Larabar + apple

1. Barley grains + carrot
2. Tofu mushroom scramble
3. Romaine lettuce + blueberries
4. Cinnamon puffins + Larabar + apple + banana tea

1. Jap sweet potato + pumpkin
2. Cherry tomatoes + grapes
3. Chinese celery (I think?) + tempeh + carrot + goji berries
4. Apple + peach tea + RawRev bar

I can't remember why there's so little things here. Hmm maybe it was a Wednesday when I went to school to cook.

1. Rice + frozen veg + chili
2. Cucumber
3. Edamame
4. Apple + Larabar

When I'm tired and uninspired I only cook one thing with the pan so I don't need to wash it again.

To cook individual portions of rice quickly in the morning, I make a larger batch of rice in the rice cooker on the weekend and freeze them into one-meal portions. Note that there's 'fried rice bacteria' that can cause food poisoning when rice is reheated. One of the few facts I've learnt in the last couple of years that are so applicable to daily life LOL. I freeze instead of refrigerate because I think it makes it last longer. (More credible explanations here, here and here)

1. Same kinda rice as above
2. Tofu scramble
3. Cherry tomatoes
4. Apple + dried persimmon + Larabar + tea 

Omg dried persimmons are the bomb! My dad bought a packet for me from Bangkok and I really liked it so I got another pack from one of those dried food provision stalls near Fortune Centre. They remind me of the dried persimmons with the poisonous powder sprinkled on top in The Moon that Embraces the Sun (a Korean period drama) lols. It's like chewy and sweet, but not too sweet!

My lunchbox is a cheap (but adequately air-tight) one from Japan Home, with a 800ml volume. My favourite thing about bringing a lunchbox is that it's way healthier than what's sold outside (of course it depends on what you put in it). The other reason why I do it is because it saves a TON of money. :D 

Happy Lunchbox-ing!

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  1. Love it - all of it!! Especially the dried persimmon, the tofu scramble and the baked sweet potato chips (i first thought the purple ones were beetroots, which is also a good idea right? beetroot chips?)
    xx Maisy