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Veganerie - Vegan Bakery Cafe @ Bangkok

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I was in Bangkok for an eating-and-shopping trip with my friends from the 5th to 9th March. Dragged them along to this vegan bakery cafe haha! :)

They've got many wonderful reviews on HappyCow!

It's located at Mercury Ville, which is connected to Chidlom BTS. How convenient! 

You can't really find on the maps and this mall is quite ulu. It's right at Exit 5 if I'm not wrong!

Their plating and food photography is so pretty!

Ice cream!


They sell bread too and I bought the Carrot bread which was the last one available. 

There's 4 really thick slices and it was SO GOOD. Fluffy and chewy and slightly sweet.

We ordered 4 items in total.

This is my Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe (165 baht = S$7). I could taste some cream-cheesiness in the whipped cream, but there were too few bits of cake in this. I was hoping for chunks but I think there's only cake crumbs on top!

It was not bad, but the whole pink ice-creamy part tastes the same and once I was done with the whipped cream (which I really liked the texture and flavour of), the rest was boring. ._.

The melted ice cream/smoothie was good to add to the Blackberry Bar though.

The Blackberry Bar (135 baht = S$5.70) was DRY. :( Like when you poke your fork into it, it crumbles apart. My friends ordered it but I ended up finishing it for them because they didn't like it! Maybe if it was topped with a scoop of ice cream it'll be better!

The crust supposedly tastes (not comparing texture) exactly like the base of a pineapple tart, according to my friends. o_o If that's true then it's impressive that they made an oat-y vegan version of it. I don't remember pineapple tarts tasting like that though haha.

My friends also ordered the Fruity Delight Waffle [Large] (195 baht = S$8.30), with strawberry and chocolate ice cream. The waffle was kinda crumbly. I think those at Brownice taste better too ._. Also the strawberry ice cream supposedly taste exactly like Brownice's hahaha.

Here's my Pizookie (165 baht = S$7). It's a hot-pan pizza-cookie if you're wondering what that name meant! I chose Sweet Potato ice cream on top - the colour and texture looked really promising but since I can't remember how sweet-potatoey it was, it musn't have been that wonderful. The cookie is hidden under all the ice cream, fruits and chocolate sauce!

It tastes kinda gingerbread-y, and it'll be too dry and tough if not for the ice cream and fruits! Again, I really like the whipped cream! I used to hate the non-vegan ones!

So, the food at Veganerie weren't as fantastic as I'd expected them to be, but there's so many I've not eaten. I think what I most enjoyed was the Pizookie and the top half of the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe LOL. I'd love to try every item on the menu - looking at the photos now I really wanna eat some of their cakes!!! I like that they have so much variety of food, and their plating and ambience is good. ^^ The pricing is reasonable too. It'll be great if they also have savoury desserts! If they had a branch in Singapore that'll be wonderful.

4th floor
Mercury Ville
Open daily 10am-9pm

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