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Berry-Mango Muffin Inspiration + Updates!

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I've not perfected this recipe yet, so it's 'inspiration' haha. It's made with oat flour (rolled oats pulsed in food processor) and it turned out a little too dense! It's just oat flour + mango + raspberries + water/mylk + baking powder + stevia.

It tasted good though - especially with the tart raspberry bits and sweet mango chunks! Perhaps I'll try it again next time with a flax/chia 'egg'.

Whoops I've not been churning out many blogposts in the last few months! Haha okay here's some updates of my life:

1. I'm going to New York City next week!!! Omg so excited to eat lotsa vegan food and go to the supermarkets (Trader Joe's and Whole Foods) and farmer's markets!!! I've been wanting to go for years (since I started my Instagram account and saw the vegan food in America!!) - back then Mum said that we can go after I finish poly - and wow can't believe I'll be there in 10 days!!!

2. I've started working! I've got 2 part-time flexi jobs - one at MyMaha as a Business Development & Community Assistant and another at Brownice! Both jobs are enjoyable - at least much more than the jobs I used to have years ago. Lol how did I get such bad jobs last time HAHA

3. I've started on my eCornell Plant-based Nutrition Course! Actually I've just started on the intro so I can't really tell if it's fun or helpful. I've got to put in quite a few more hours before my trip! I feel quite a lot of resistance to start studying because the last time I had to study for an exam was like.. half a year ago?

Oh and I'm also very happy watching Korean dramas and variety shows. My recent favourite is Healer, which is more action-packed and exciting than the usual love triangle/rectangle kinds!! Like City Hunter that type. I like it so much that it's one of the few that I don't mind re-watching! And I've recently finished watching Empress Ki - marathoned 51 episodes in 1 week lolol. So many things happened in the drama and the ending was sad D': Well I guess a sad ending is more refreshing and unusual than the typical happy endings!

Okay that's all for now! I'm off to do something productive (hopefully lolol).

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