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NYC Day 1 (23 Apr) - airplane food + Essex Street market + Erin Mckenna's Bakery

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Hello! Long time no blog. I probably say something like that every other post lol! Anyway I came back from New York last Wednesday. I had so much fun!! Mostly I went there for the vegan food. And then we also did the tourist-y things that Mum wanted to do. By the way, she ate vegan throughout the trip yay! Thankful that she's so supportive. ^^ And then when Dad picked us up at the airport when we were back in SG he got Mum Burger King. Okay. 

It was my first time planning a trip (about 11.5 days excluding flying) and it was tedious. Mum took care of the plane tickets, the visa-thing-that-isn't-a-visa, the 3-day tour at the end of the trip, the money and some other paperwork. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment which is cheaper than staying at a hotel! Oh and before this I didn't know that there was also a New York state?! Confusing.

I planned most of it using Google Maps. I think I'll tidy it up and share the link here later! (Edit: Here's the link!)

Initially I wanted to go to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary but the stay-house (?) was closed since they're moving to a new location that's just 90 mins from NYC. Oh well. Thinking about the expensive bus ride out to Woodstock and about getting lost made me feel apprehensive about going there anyway! Plus it's a great supporting reason to go back to New York lol. But I'll probably only go back when I'm old. Like 30. T.T Sorry if I offend anyone 30 and older but when you're 20, 30 sounds scary. LOL

The weather there was... cold. Hahaha I was super happy to escape the heat and humidity of Singapore but like on the second day I was there I felt like dying in the cold omg! It was colder than usual... Like I was prepared for 15-20 deg C weather but it was mostly below 10 deg C for the first few days of the trip??  I searched to see what people were wearing there on Instagram and it looked okay. So I packed light. Like every piece of clothing I brought I could wear separately in Singapore (okay the cooler months). Whether it was 5 or 20 deg C I wore like a long sleeved top and a knitted sweater, jeans and a scarf. Hahaha thinking about it it sounded crazy. And people were wearing puffy coats and they didn't dress like what I saw in Instagram pictures LOL. Someone commented on one of my post on Instagram that the week before people were suntanning but suddenly it got cold. Okay just our luck. But seriously the scarf is a must-have!!

These long paragraphs must be boring to read so I'll add in the photos now! I won't be editing them (other then those I've already edited) because I have like way over 1000. 

Off to the airport! It was an 11pm flight or something.

Some meal on board. Must be supper because breakfast doesn't look like this. It was Cathay Pacific by the way! If you didn't know, you can choose your meals online beforehand. Mum and I got the Vegetarian Vegan meal for all the flights! The sandwich was SALTY. I think other people got a roll cake and Kit Kat lol. 

It was a 4+ hour flight to Hong Kong airport and it was like a 5 hour transit. Mum got two slots (?) to go to this lounge from some credit card thing. 

There's a buffet and nice armchairs to sleep in inside!

Omg hahahahaha warped Snapchat vid!!!

Haha haven't reach New York then start eating so much already.

On the 15 hour flight! Lol there were YOUNG KIDS behind omg how unlucky. 

This was breakfast! Whenever I transit in HK there'll always be that tofu dessert!

I'm confused as to why this meal was at night. I can never understand the time differences lol. By the way New York is exactly 12 hours behind Singapore. Which is convenient so I don't need to count.

And then we arrived! After watching nice and not-so-nice movies, getting my seat kicked and getting bits of uncomfortable sleep.

We took Airtrain JFK to Sutphin Blvd/Archer Av/JFK Airport. It costs US$5 if I remember correctly, and you pay only when you tap swipe out. 

This is the metro station. We got the Metro cards, and each ride, no matter what the distance, is US$2.75. Expensive! Train/bus fares in Singapore seem okay to me now haha!

Then we got down to the platform and I was thinking that like it was perfect setting for those scary/horrific things you see in the movies lol. Oh and I don't remember it being so dangerous-looking when Singapore didn't have those walls separating the platform and the track!!

It's nice that they tell you the next stop and subsequent stops. But this is only for the newer trains because the older trains tell you nothing. Like I can't catch what the driver is saying sometimes too. By the way the trains are 24/7!

Our Airbnb is just a few minutes away from the metro station! It was about 3-4pm. After we put down our things we went to T-mobile to get a SIM card. It was expensive too - like US$45 I think. Actually every thing there is expensive other than kale and Lara/luna/clif bars lol. The exchange rate is like 1.4 @_@

Essex Street Market!

It's actually quite small. Good to get groceries!

Saw plantains for the first time!! A relative of the banana that has to be cooked. Didn't try them though.

It was the afternoon so there wasn't much food sold but we were kinda hungry so we bought food here and there. Got the Spicy Veggie Chili from Peasant Stock.

And a loaf of bread from this place.

And my first bottle of KOMBUCHA!!!!!!!

And tada! Here's our first meal in New York. The bakery didn't have a bread slicer so we had to tear it with our hands. The chili (large, US$6.25) had quite generous ingredients! And the kombucha was like a fizzy drink! Tastes much better than it sounds. I don't know why but this was the one and only bottle I had this trip. :(

Then we went to Erin Mckenna's Bakery (Babycakes) which was nearby. It's a small vegan bakery!

Omgggg I want some now!!

Got the Vanilla Sprinkle donut and two 2-for-1 cupcakes (because I still couldn't accept the fact that food is so expensive in NYC), Samoa cupcake and Brownie w/mint cupcake. The donut is more like a cake-donut.

It was all so yummy! And so amazing how it's not only vegan but also gluten-free!! 

Mooshoes is just nearby but I forgot about it and didn't visit. There's also this place called Greenstar Foods which I walked past; it's a grocery shop that stocks vegan meat alternatives I think!

Lol it's already so tiring blogging about half a day. ._. I'll probably blog about day 2 tomorrow or Friday! 

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