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NYC Day 4 (26 Apr) - Statue of Liberty + Top of the Rock + Chipotle + Empire State Building

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Day 4 was mostly for sightseeing. Bought the tickets at Grey Line on Day 3. I thought I wouldn't have much photos since there's no vegan food places but this post has like 45 photos lol ^^;

Woke up to a 5 deg C morning. Ahh it's 31 deg C here in Singapore now and I miss feeling like I could freeze to death.

There are buskers at nearly every station! In general they all perform very well - like if they came here and performed in pubs they'll be well-received

First stop is the Statue of Liberty. It's on an island so we had to take the metro to this place to take a ferry there.

It was here that i felt that the Grey Line company was really not professional lol. Well the buses are shabby but that's okay.. We had to go out of the compound (?) and find 2 people standing outside to exchange the receipt for these tickets?? Like it's not at the normal ticketing booth. o_o

There were like airport-style security checks and then we boarded Miss New York!

Went to stand at the front hehe

The ride was quite short. 5-10 mins I think?

There isn't much to do on the island and we didn't get tickets to go up the statue.

Bought an (overpriced) pretzel from the ferry. Those white bits are salt. #veganjunkfood

Hmm this doesn't show the full snapchat but at least you can see the sticker haha


Then we boarded Miss Ellis Island though we didn't know what Ellis Island was haha

Turns out it's the National Museum of Immigration.

Sorry but I found the gift shop more interesting :x

And then we took a boat back and continued the Hop-on-hop-off tours. It was cold already but when the bus moves it was SO COLD OMG

We took the Downtown loop which brings us to the other attractions for the day. If you look closely you can see that it's Wall Street (okay the sign, not the street) that those people are looking at.

No idea what I was photographing but the sky looks nice with the reflections from the glass buildings!

Haha you can reach up and touch the signs

The top of this building looks nice!

Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockerfeller Centre.

We got down and we were cold and hungry so we bought some soup! Kinda like Soup Spoon but without the bun and with more vegan options lols. 

The tomato basil with rice soup was good! Drinking hot soup in cold weather is the best feeling ever!

Waited for the hop-on-hop-off bus and we saw this spray paint artist oooooh. The fumes are really smelly though. :/

Went to eat at Chipotle woohoo! 

It's kinda like Baja Fresh in Singapore, but with an actual vegan option (sofritas) instead of just omitting the meat and cream.

We had a Sofritas burrito bowl and veggie tacos!

What amazed me was that the toilet has a number lock and you needa buy something and use the code at the base of the receipt to open the door omg!!!!! So interesting one. This isn't common right?

Lol this is interesting too (but overpriced - 3 pairs for US$10 I think?)

Bought tickets for Matilda!

Bought them at the theatre but you can also buy same-day discounted tickets at TKTS, though you can't be sure if there'll be any seats left.

Empire State Building!

Okay at least there was a proper booth to exchange the receipts with these tickets this time.

I don't know if you can tell but I missed the 'yolk' by a few seconds because I couldn't squeeze through the people in time ugh

Walked past Lush but didn't go in because I googled and found previously that it's cheaper to ship from UK or something lol. Don't know if that applies to Singapore. Not that I've ever bought anything from Lush because it's so expensive!

Vegan food at the convenience store. The wrap saved our lives a few days later (I'm exaggerating a bit)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading again! :)

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