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NYC Day 6 (28 Apr) - Green Symphony + Woodbury Outlet Mall + SOY Japanese Homecooking

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The main part of the Day 6 was the Woodbury Outlet Mall, and we had to take a bus from the Port Authority Terminal. Green Symphony is a short distance away so we went there for breakfast! It's like a small mart + salad bar + cafe, not fully vegan but there are many vegan options. 

We had some things from the salad bar and a sandwich. The table has like lentil and beans in it lol!

We sat down and ate a bit and then we checked the bus schedule... and there was a bus soon so we ran back to the terminal hahaha

The bus ride was not short but also not really long lol. It costs quite a bit!

The Woodbury Outlet Mall is a huge place with lotsa discounted branded items. The only other outlet mall (that's not in Singapore) that I went to is the Seattle one, and it was the Black Friday weekend then so I guess I can't really compare how cheap the items were.

But they weren't that cheap. Probably because we didn't buy leather.

No idea why but the videos all turn out choppy when I post them. Snapchatted all the time because there's almost always stickers based on the location whee!

Shared a wrap with mum and it was actually quite filling! There are a few other vegan options in the food court too. Water is expensive though so it's best to bring you own bottles and use the water cooler at the toilets.

We spent like most of the day there and took one of the last few buses back. But actually we didn't buy much. Like most people had tons of paper bags but we had none - we only had plastic. LOL. Because other people bought stuff from like Coach and Kate Spade and all but since they're all leather... I just got clothes from Gap, American Apparel, Pacsun, A&F etc. So in conclusion, it's not really worth it to come here if you're vegan. Like it'll be better to spend the bus fare on Lush products or something lolol.

I think this was in A&F lolol why would anyone wear this?? It says stuff like anger, greed, pride, laziness and bingeing on food HAHAHA

Super interesting instument! It's like a half sphere-shaped tin and it sounds nice.

And then we went back to our apartment and decided to eat at SOY which was open! A couple of times we had a look and it was closed - I can't remember which days though.

It looks like a closed-down place in the morning, doesn't it?? It's just one or two doors down from out apartment.

It's usually full when we get back home but it was a bit earlier that day so it was empty when we walked in.

Cute kids' drawings on the walls. I saw all these on their website too. Actually I was surprised that the server was not a Japanese lol.

There's a book that you can draw in while you wait. That's such a nice idea! 

It's not a vegan eatery but there were a handful of vegan options - we had ginger tofu with brown rice (US$10.25), napa salad (US$5.75) and veggie curry with brown rice (US$10.25). It's so interesting that the curry had beans! It really tasted like home-cooked food.

That's all for Day 6! I'm on a roll - Day 7 will probably be up tomorrow yay!

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