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Achar Salad Rolls

By 20:59

Rice rolls stuffed with tofu, bell pepper, carrot, purple cabbage and achar (Chinese pickled veggies), with Trader Joe's Soyaki as the dip.

It'll be great if I had rice vermicelli to add to the wraps, but nonetheless this was a light meal that's great for a hot day. I think it's even yummier to wrap as you eat but for photo purposes....

This sauce is so.. universal (?) Like it's such a great dip for everything! My only qualm is that it's really oily. And if you leave it out for too long it gets really stinky because of the garlic ^^; 

Bought this when I went to NYC and apparently the customs people in America found it suspicious so they opened my luggage and messed up all the layers I carefully wrapped it with (there was this pamphlet left in the luggage to tell us about it) -_- Luckily the bottle didn't crack! If it did I can't imagine how awfully garlicky the clothes would've become.

Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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