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eCornell Plant-based Nutrition Course experience

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I've completed the eCornell Plant-based Nutrition Course (view this post) a while back so I thought I'd share about my experience!

What I found online before I started was mostly about how people felt about the course and I didn't really understand the format and all initially so I was confused for a while. ^^; Here's how it's like if you're curious:

It involves 3 two-week courses - so actually you can complete it within 6 weeks (I took like 5 months though lol)

Each course has around 8 or so parts, and for each part there's this video of slides with a voiceover by Dr. T. Colin Campbell or other doctors/guests. After watching the video (length of the video ranges from about 20 mins to over 1 hour) there might be a quiz and/or a discussion, or you don't need to do anything at all.

The quiz has an average of 9 questions, mostly MCQ but some are fill-in-the-blanks. You need to get full marks to pass but you can re-do it as many times as you'd like. The discussion (based on the video & related questions) may be optional but most are compulsory. It's graded by an instructor according to a rubric. You can read the replies of others around the world who are taking the course once you post yours and it's really interesting to read about what others think or have experienced!

There are PDFs of the slides and the script that you can download and print. I printed the script and in total for the 3 courses there's 300+ pages!

2 weeks sounds like a long time (especially since it's supposed to take 8-11 hours per course) but time passes quickly. Or maybe I do things really slowly. Like for the discussions I take at least 2-3 hours to type out my reply?? The course always (?) starts on Wednesday evening (Singapore time) by the way. At the end of the whole course you'll get this certificate that you can download and print.

Actually the video can sometimes be really boring and dry. Especially those 40 min to 1 hour ones! ^^; But of course, there are some nuggets of information that are surprising or applicable in daily life and those are fun to learn. The website/student portal is confusing too so I keep on having to go to the FAQs lol. But I'm always confused about these kinda things so I guess it's normal. Plus you can ask a question in the chatbox at the bottom right and they're really responsive and helpful!

Overall, the main focus of the course is nutrition but it also covers a bit on environemt and animal welfare, which is.. expectedly inevitable (?). I don't regret taking this course but I still feel that US$1260 is quite a lot to pay to learn something online. But not like I have much to do and it's the only credible one out there! I think if you have no prior nutrition knowledge you'd be learning more from the course. And if you can claim accreditation that'll be good. By the way around May or June this year there was a promotion - it was about US$1160 or so! The promotions doesn't seem really frequent though.

Okay I'll end this super wordy post here. I hope this has been helpful! :)

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