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Purple Rice Sushi

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Purple rice sushi filled with avocado, carrot, celery, tofu, chili pepper and corn. I tried making the inside-out style rolls (uramaki) but it was such a fail because rice kept on sticking everywhere lol! Also tried hand-pressed sushi (nigirizushi) but also kinda fail because I don't know how to keep the nori from unraveling hahaha

I'll just stick to the normal rolls (according to allaboutsushiguide I think what I make is like futomaki) lol

I didn't add sushi vinegar as usual, nor did I use sushi/pearl rice, so I guess this is fake sushi ^^;

The purple rice is made with 1 cup medium grain rice (uncooked) and 2 tbsp black glutinous rice (uncooked). And it turns out so purple when cooked together - isn't it like magic?? Haha this is mum's discovery!

The toppings for nigiri sushi are: avocado - corn - carrot & chili pepper - avocado & tofu & chili - corn & avocado.

By the way Ikea tea light holders are good dishes for sauce :)

Also mum & I are going to Tokyo at the end of the month woohoo! Too bad we'll be missing the vegan festival (T.T) but there's still lotsa fun stuff to do and vegan food to eat ^^

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