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Rainbow Sandwich

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Took me forever to figure out how to wrap this to take a proper photo lol. ^^; Good thing sandwiches are normally eaten cold

From bottom up there's:
Coconut yogurt (the same almost-spoiled one)
Avocado (the one I baked to ripen lol)
Pan-fried gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) tofu
Alfalfa sprouts
Purple cabbage
Carrot shreds

The bread I used is Swissbake's Abendbrot (evening bread) which is really seedy and slightly savoury (hardly sweet at all). But from what I remember (I last ate this bread last year) I think the quality has gone down. Like it's so much more airy and the width of the bread is smaller -_-

Lol when my Dad saw this he was like 'You gonna open a sandwich cafe ah?' Haha it'll be nice if there was a fully-vegan (and customisable and generous with ingredients) one in Singapore!

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