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Rye Cracker love! + Ikea's vegan meatballs review

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Rye crackers with sweet/savoury toppings, with blood orange slices and chocolate chai tea.

The toppings are:
1. avocado slices + sesame seeds + pepper
2. homemade date jam + strawberries + tahini + passionfruit juice
3. smashed avo + tomato + pepper
4. leftovers: passionfruit + strawberries + avo

The rye crackers are from Ikea! So cute and round right?? It's cheaper than Ryvita but the rye used isn't dark rye so it tastes quite different. And the edges have a bitter burnt taste. :( The multigrain one is quite fragrant though, because it's studded with sesame seeds.

Aren't blood oranges gorgeous? ^^ 

I tried the veggie balls aka vegan meatballs ($4 for 10) and I wasn't really impressed. Perhaps because the auntie scooping the food was absentmindedly tossing the veggie balls and splashing (?) the black pepper sauce on the plate. ._. It was smaller than expected and kinda like non-crispy falafel that's filled with frozen veggie mix (the usual carrots, corn, peas). I'd prefer it in a tomato sauce! Still, I guess it's a good way to get kids to eat veggies (as I've been seeing on my FB feed). They have couscous too but too bad it wasn't available on that day, so I had plain pasta without cheese. Overall I won't buy the frozen ones home to cook, but if I'm eating at Ikea again I'd like to try the couscous with veggie balls!

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