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Spicy Coconut Yogurt Soba

By 15:26 ,

Creamy CoYo soba with raw & steamed veggies and achar (Chinese pickled vegetables).

For the soba I boiled 1 bunch dry soba (from Daiso) and stirred it into a sauce I made with just 1/3 cup coconut yogurt (coyo), 1/2 chopped chili and a little water to thin it.

The coyo I bought was reduced to clear and when I opened the package it was solid (like a cream cheese consistency) -_- I tried making yogurt (like I did previously here) with it but it didn't form properly so I used it as a sandwich spread and to make this creamy sauce!

Lol people normally throw yogurt away when they suspect that it's spoiled right.. ^^; 
(awkward right-hand chopstick holding because I'm left-handed but the window's at the left)

It tasted pretty good! I didn't add salt because the soba has salt already and the achar is salty too. I've tried cold soba in unsweetened soymilk but I prefer coyo soba, taste- and texture-wise. If I buy more kinda-spoiled coyo I'll try making a mushroom cream sauce next time! :)

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