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Hi from Brisbane!

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Whoops I've not blogged at all since I came here! I think I've mentioned it somewhere before but I'm in Brisbane studying Nutrition & Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology by the way :)

I've got a year's worth of credit points already because I studied Nutrition in SP so I'm technically starting from Year 2 though there a Year 2 module I'm exempted from and a Year 1 mod that I need to take.

Studying here has been fine so far (this coming week is Week 8 of the school term) though I had an Omg what am I doing here?? moment during Food & Nutrition lecture when I realised they count calories in kjoules (and then another ????? moment when I found out that a tablespoon measurement is 20ml & 1 tbsp is 4 teaspoons and yet another ????? moment - 1 serving of grains is 1 slice of bread). Hahaha no wonder I need to take F&N though it's a Year 1 mod.

-Randomly inserting food photos lol-

I stay in a sharehouse a walking distance from school with 5 other girls who are also Asians. Lol I signed the contract over in Singapore without viewing the house here first - come to think about it so many things could've gone wrong haha but I'm really lucky to get such nice housemates! :) Also coincidentally there are two Dietetics year 1s and one Nutrition year 3 here wow such luck.

The house is pretty retro (and I wear shoes into my carpeted room) but it's quite comfortable. I was worried about there not being any air-conditioning (just a ceiling fan in my room) because I've slept in an air-con room my whole life. It was really hot at the beginning so I had to buy a standing fan and sleep with both fans on but gradually it got colder yay!!

For my 21st birthday my housemates made me a cute vegan cake aww

Parents sent me cupcakes too T.T

Also my Singaporean friends (also in Dietetics/Nutrition) surprised me with this at Pancake Manor hehe

The weather has been good here too! Mornings are cool (about 19 deg C at 7am today) though it gets pretty sunny around noon. So glad to be escaping the heat in Singapore!! ^^; I stay near the Kelvin Grove campus and there are lots of hills(?) and the road is like /\/\/\/\/\ hahaha so we're always hiking to school.

And I have recently started exercising. Recently as in yesterday LOL. My housemate runs a lot and I ran with her once a couple weeks back (at at park nearby that I previously didn't know existed) and it was really tiring though we ran just 2.4km (she ran in the morning already!!!)(my only motivation was the fear of getting lost) and my legs and core were aching for a few days after hahahaha #weak. Like literally the last time I jogged must've been a year ago? And I rarely ever jogged continuously. So yeah yesterday and just now I went to jog and successfully jogged about 2.5km non-stop yay me. Took me 18 mins but that's okay. Hopefully it becomes a routine!

Also you'd think that things are expensive but other than prepared food (as in food court food etc) most things are quite affordable. We're always looking at supermarket/store catalogs to see the deals though hahaha #auntymodeon

Grocery hauls from the Saturday market near school 

There isn't really much to do in Brisbane and my life is basically school - assignments - grocery shopping - cooking - eating - sleeping - watching Korean shows ^^;

Okay that's all for now! Gotta do an assignment ugh group work ugh presentation

Thanks for reading! :)

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