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MELBOURNE // Smith & Deli + Ace Mylkbar + Lord of the Fries + Pana Chocolate

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I'm finally posting about my Melbourne trip back in March (27th to 31st). It was my second time there; the first time was in 2012 with my family and I was getting used to veganism lol. I remember eating Middle Eastern-ish food at a dark restaurant and I asked for a vegan dish but something tasted like sausage omg. Like it wasn't a veg place and it was 2012 so they wouldn't have realistic mock meat??? I didn't ask though lol maybe I didn't wanna confirm my fears.

Okay back to 2016. Since I've taken the Puffing Billy Railway before, I went to find vegan food alone when they went to take the train! I walked about 2.5km from our Ibis hotel near Queen Victoria Market to Smith & Deli and Ace Mylkbar. In hindsight, I was so brave LOL. Going somewhere new alone and eating alone are things I don't normally do. Vegan food > fears haha

✧ Smith & Deli 
Smith & Deli is a 100% vegan New York style deli, run by the people behind Smith & Daughters. 

They're famous for their sandwiches - I wish I could try them all! The food's all takeaway and there's no seating. They also sell groceries and fresh produce too - according to their Facebook "The Deli provides customers with everything they need for the creation of a meal with as little or as much effort as they want or have time for." Cool.

I regret not getting any of their Vegan Eat merch :(

This is their $15 lunchbox which includes a salad, half sandwich, dessert and drink! I think it varies from day to day and you only get to choose your own drink. I have no idea what the sandwich is and I have no recollection of the doughnut but this potato-bacon-egg(?) salad was the bomb!! This lunchbox is so worth $15!

I liked it so much that I dropped by a second time to get breakfast when my friends went to Lune Croissanterie! I was hoping for Smith & Deli to have croissants but nope.

I had the Egg McMartinez ($7) because the previous time the staff recommended it. It's egg, bacon & cheddar on an English muffin with choice of sauce. They describe all their menu items like this instead of like vegg/facon/cheeze(/Gary) so I was confused and had to ask the first time haha

I got ketchup as the sauce, there were a few other options but I felt adventurous enough already. On my first couple of bites I was super amazed because it really reminded me of an Egg McMuffin! But then I got to the tofu part (which is supposed to be the egg?) and I like tofu but in the context of an Egg McMuffin-y thing it was unexpected. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and I guess without the tofu it'll be too salty!

Their Coffee & Passionfruit Cheesecake (I think?) ($5) was really really good too! It's my first time having vegan cheesecake (raw cheesecakes don't count haha)!

If there was seating I'll be perfect but Smith & Deli is my favourite place out of all the eateries I've visited this trip! ^^

111 Moor Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Tues-Sat 8am-6pm

✧ Ace Mylkbar
Ace Mylkbar sells vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches and nut milk! One of their stockists was Like Minded Projects but I've just realised that it's now permanently closed :(

They had 3 businesses in this space, the other two are Fred Gets and Coffee Supreme - I don't think they were vegan

Heavily edited lighting and shadows but I really like this space! Isn't it so dreamy ^^ 

I think this was under Fred Get's section - they stocked Pana Chocolate things too!
I went over in the morning but the nut milks weren't out yet so I headed to Smith & Deli (for the $15 lunchbox) first! The lady behind the counter was nice and asked what flavour I wanted so that she can make sure that they'll have it out :)

I was quite a cold day (actually I felt cold everyday and was just wearing one layer oops - underestimated the weather and overestimated myself) but I got the Berry Choc Ripple Sundae and the Choc Mint Nut Mylk. The total was $16.40 (courtesy of my expenses app) which wasn't cheap but it's okay considering that the sundae is topped with Pana Chocolate cake. Also 50% of the reason why I went there was because the glass mylk bottle is so pretty LOL.

I enjoyed the nut mylk because it wasn't overly minty and toothpaste-y but still rich enough. The sundae was pretty creamy but I can't remember anymore lol. Overall I like their aesthetics and a vegan, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and organic (I think they were raw when I went but their sites don't say anything about it now) cookie company is quite a novel idea!

They stock at many locations - see Stockists

✧ Lord of the Fries 
Lord of the Fries is a vegetarian fast food chain with quite a few vegan options. They have several outlets in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth!

I had the Chicago Hot Dog ($8.95) and my friends had a mini burger ($4.95) - I can't remember which - each. We shared The Lot Munch Box ($9.95 + $2 for upgrade to sweet potato fries) of nuggets, onion rings and sweet potato fries with Vietnamese spicy chili mayo (which doesn't look vegan but we were told it is). 

I've heard so many good reviews but other than the Munch Box, we thought that the burgers and hot dog wasn't really worth it. :( For me, maybe it's because I don't particularly enjoy fried food - and maybe mayo with greasy food is just too much. Also the nuggets are just like those mock chicken you can find at Asian grocery stores/in Singapore. The sweet potato fries were pretty good though!  

I passed by a Lord of the Fries branch when I was in Sydney with mum but didn't feel like spending stomach space there lol. Maybe someday I'll try it again.

✧ Pana Chocolate 
Pana Chocolate sells 100% vegan, raw, organic, handmade, refined-sugar-free desserts. Their raw cakes are so exquisite - like pieces of art!

Each box of chocolate is $6.90, and there're only 6 squares in a 45g box. o_o I bought 3 boxes haha. On their Instagram page they advertised a 1-for-1 deal for the cinnamon flavour but somehow the staff wasn't aware of it - he let me use the deal after seeing the post though!

I kept the chocolate in the fridge and it remains soft when chilled which is interesting! Probably because it's raw?

They have seating - about 7 spaces - but it was empty when we went! We had breakfast at Top Paddock before this.

We had the Pear & Berry Crumble, Triple Berry and Chocolate Marshmallow ($8.5 each). The pieces are quite small but as with most raw cakes too big a piece would make you sick of it. I think it was my friends' first time having raw cakes! Compared to the previous time I had raw cakes at The Living Cafe, these were more dense and don't contain (a noticeable amount of) psyllium husk. Truthfully, I like how perfect they look more than eating it because I prefer un-raw cakes lol ^^; 

They stock at several places but I went to this branch:
491 Church Street
Richmond, VIC 3121
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 11am-4pm 

The sunrise as we were walking to Lune Croissanterie because my friends were afraid that they'll sell out haha

In my next post I'll share about the vegan options at some popular cafes I visited with my friends! :) 
Bye for now!

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