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CNY 2017

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Chinese New Year is usually a tough time for new vegans - family gatherings & eating with people you only meet once a year - but I assure you that it gets better! Either you're more well-prepared or your family realises that swapping a meat dish for a veggie dish isn't too bad ^^

At my maternal grandparent's side we have rice and dishes every reunion dinner!

Clockwise from bottom left:
Grandma's 'fish', tempeh & pineapple curry
Grandma's leek & tofu stir-fry
Aunt's pickled veggies
Uncle's chickpea dhal
My airfried store-bought dumplings

This was last year's and it looks similar...

But this time we have a vegan yusheng!!! My aunt bought a ~$10 yusheng set from the supermarket. Dad sliced some canned abalone mushroom thinly (it resembles actual abalone doesn't it!) and I air-fried (baking/toasting works too) Tomato & Herb Mountain Bread to replace the crackers.

The crackers included in the yusheng set are probably vegan but this is healthier!

Turned out pretty good though the Mountain Bread gets soggy after a while!

At my paternal grandparent's side, reunion dinner every year is steamboat!

I bring my own camping pot lolol this is like 10+ years old or something.

So I cook my food separately haha. Forgot to bring some miso or gochujang, hopefully I'll remember next year! Made more air-fried dumplings and everyone loved it! 

I used the Fairprice housebrand veggie dumplings here. Seawaves vegetarian meat/chive dumplings are good too - the dumpling skin is thinner and the packet is resealable hehe. All have MSG though :x

Bought some vegan bakkwa from the vegetarian stall at West Coast Market! The stall at the left corner facing the road. It's supposedly the only vegan bakkwa that's made in Singapore? (Edit: It's not lol I saw another made-in-sg one at Fortune Centre.) I tried vegan bakkwa like 2 years ago but I think this tastes better! It's $7+ per pack I think. I can't remember if there's 6 or 8 square pieces?

This is like ootd lol but I brought bakkwa (red box on the right) to a dinner on CNY day 2 and had lots of it with rice haha

This was dinner at a family friend's house - they made salad for me, Dad cooked the curry :)

When visiting, it's not difficult to find food to eat imo. Especially since Chinese desserts are often vegan. Every year I eat cheng tng at my relative's place. They don't really understand veganism but they remember that I like eating the cheng tng ingredients which people normally don't haha ^^;

This bobochacha - coconut milk and yam dessert - at Dad's friend's place was yummy!

When there's nothing else to eat turn to the snacks!! 

By the way, Fortune Centre sold vegan love letters and pineapple tarts! It states eggless but I checked and it's also dairy-free. Didn't buy any because my parents don't really eat these kinda things so I'll just end up finishing them lol

Thankful for the effort that my family and relatives put in to keeping me well-fed and included in the festivities haha! And I'm glad that CNY this year was earlier instead of later - back to Brisbane in a weeks' time :( 

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