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Hong Kong // Loving Hut Wanchai + Green Veggie

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✧ Loving Hut 
My initial plan was to go to Loving Hut for dinner but we were meeting Dad's friend (who's a vegetarian) and he suggested Green Veggie.

So mum and I went to Loving Hut for a pre-dinner snack lol

It's on the second floor of this building

Surprisingly not very crowded

They have a really affordable dinner set!

They have a very extensive menu but all I was there for were the egg tarts!!!

They have vegan pet food too!

And ice cream! Too bad we had to save space for dinner lol

Handmade vegan egg tarts (2 pieces) HK$18

Vegan dreams come true omg!! The filling is like that of an average non-vegan egg tart which is impressive! If the crust was less dry it'll be perfect!

We also had this Sago Pudding with Caramel Topping HK$20. Looks like creme brûlée but it's not haha.

Should've ordered the fried 'egg' (Over Easy Vege Egg (2 pieces) HK$16) which Mum wanted instead ^^;

And we had Blueberry Herb Tea HK$28

The view was lovely ^^
If I'm ever back in HK I'd love to try their set meal, desserts and other menu items!

Loving Hut 愛家素食網
2/F Luen Tai Building
93-99 Wanchai Road
Daily 11.30am-9.15pm

✧ Green Veggie 
After Loving Hut we walked to Green Veggie, also in Wanchai!

Their menu is colourful and has an English translation too! Those with eggs and milk are labelled with E and M respectively.

Seasonal Vegetables and Beancurd in Soybean Soup HK$58
 This looks like a random jumble of ingredients but it's pretty yummy! It tastes very strongly of soy though so if you hate soy don't order this.

Baked Rice with Black Truffle in Whole Pumpkin HK$108
This was stated in the menu as having both egg (in the fried rice inside) and milk (probably in the cheese on top). So Dad's friend asked for this without the egg and cheese and the waitress said they could do it. Then it was served like this which looks suspicious so we confirmed with the waitress again...

But then there was egg! I had a mouthful before realising :( She offered to change it for us but we said it was okay so I just didn't eat more of it.

There was a table of Caucasians beside us who seemed to have a similar issue with another dish. Maybe it was the language barrier? But in our case Dad's friend ordered in Cantonese so I don't know what the issue was. 

Steamed Mountain Head Mushrooms with Black Fungus and Lily Buds HK$78
I didn't know that monkey head mushroom is also called mountain head mushroom! Or maybe it's an error because in the Chinese name it's monkey lol. The black fungus was really tender. I cook black fungus all the time but they're alway crunchy ._.

Braised Taro and Vegetarian Pork in Pot HK$58
Really enjoyed the taro! The veg pork had the 3 layer 'meat' 'fat' 'skin'

Barbecued Vegetarian Pork Buns HK$78 (6 buns)
This was super yummy! You can see the portion size in the previous photo - looks quite little but the 'pork' is more than enough to fill the buns. I think this is a must-try if you're at Green Veggie, it comes in a half set of 3 buns for HK$48 too!

Lol I say that I'd rather eat food without mock meat... but then it's so exciting to experience cruelty-free innovation and creativity haha ^^

This Barley Beancurd dessert is complimentary! I think the dessert changes from day to day according to some reviews I've read

Overall I'm glad that Dad's friend brought us here and recommended so many delicious dishes! Best to stick to menu items originally without egg and milk to be on the safe side though ^^

Green Veggie 天然齋
Room A-B, 1/F Finance Building
254 Des Vouex Road Central
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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