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Hong Kong & Macau // Non-veg places: Tim Ho Wan + Galo Portuguese Food + Seng Kei Congee + HK Airport

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✧ Tim Ho Wan 
We went to eat at the North Point branch for breakfast because my parents wanted to! Tim Ho Wan's in Singapore also but we've not been there. Lol I never knew that they won a Michelin star. I ate some hotel breakfast earlier because I didn't expect to find vegan items here. I ended up getting chee cheong fun (not on the menu, you have to ask for it (肠)) and osmanthus cake (on the menu it's Tonic Medlar & Petal Cake) which is this sweet agar jelly with petals. 

The chee cheong fun was smooth and wobbly and the osmanthus cake was herbal-y and refreshing! 

My parents had the non-vegan fried carrot cake here and it wasn't great? Later in the day we went to Three Virtues Veg Restaurant and they thought the fried carrot cake there was better ^^

(I just Googled 'what dialect is chee cheong fun' LOL it's Cantonese. I didn't know that omg I suck. There's this Singapore TV show which mum & my grandmas love and they speak different dialects and I can't tell the difference omg lol)

✧ Galo Portuguese Food 
In Macau now! This is Taipa Village (search Rua do Cunha on Google Maps).

This restaurant is right opposite Starbucks. Mum & I were looking for 2 veg places I found via Google but they were closed/non-existent T.T

So we settled for this place.

Fried rice HK$95
Nai bai veggie HK$60
Coconut HK$40

The waitress didn't seem so happy that we were eating there because normally people eat meat and seafood lol so they can't earn much from us? :( So we also ordered the coconut.

But their food is expensive omg the fried rice is like S$18????? And it was so oily?????

(By the way HKD and MOP can be used interchangeably!)

Steamed cabbage HK$60

This looks unassuming but it's actually the best cabbage dish I've ever had?? It's like 3/4 cabbage steamed until it's super soft and sweet omg Mum & I were amazed. Not oily too!

But we spent like almost S$50 here omg. 

I think the waitress was surprised that we ate so much veg because normally several people share a dish ^^; 

If you're hungry in Taipa Village and on a budget just go to all the souvenir shops and eat their samples of candied peanut/sesame LOL

 ✧ Seng Kei Congee 盛記白粥 
I found this place after an extensive search of #macauvegan #veganmacau etc. on Instagram! It's like a traditional Chinese style breakfast place.

One day I was bored and did this lol. 
It'll probably help if you can't read Chinese because they don't have an English menu.

Those I subbed are vegan (as far as I know). Just a correction to the first one, I think it should be plain congee instead heh.

I was actually just here for the 肠 aka rice noodle rolls with fried dough fritters aka chee cheong fun with you tiao.

They have peanut sauce which was nice and fragrant!

Search for Seng Kei Congee, Macau instead of 盛記白粥 on Google Maps. They open at 7.30am - we got there at about 8.30am and it was pretty crowded!

✧ Hong Kong International Airport 
I've been to HKIA twice before to transit but didn't really eat a proper meal before.

I was surprised to find this at the food court! It's at Cafe de Coral which is a chain restaurant. 

Ok so Mum asked the cashier if there was any cheese and she said 起司 qi3 si1. After a while I was like "...then what is 乳酪 ru3 lao4?" And Mum was stunned that she said 起司 lol. But apparently 起司 is like a modernised way?? When I use Google Translate it's the first suggestion omg I am outdated

It's a really generous portion!!

And more !

That's it for the 4 places listed but here are a few more!
On the first night we arrived we had supper near our hotel (South China Hotel) at North Point. It was 9+ I think. We ate at this place called Nam Kee 南記 which is a chain restaurant. This one in particular smelled SO MEATY eww you can smell the meat from outside. The cashier was SUPER RUDE omg the rudest cashier I have ever encountered in my life. Like she kept on rolling her eyes and asking us to read the menu ourselves when we asked her for suggestions??

This was plain boiled noodles and lettuce for HK$25.

More 肠 at Hai Wang Porridge 海皇粥店 (chain restaurant) near our hotel at North Point another day.

Rice and boiled veg at some duck place in Macau. It's a Chinese place with Chinese menus but when we sat down the waitress gave us an English menu and talked to me in English omg how did she know hahaha

That's it for my Hong Kong + Macau trip! Hong Kong is #6 on Peta's Top 10 Vegan-friendly Cities in Asia list and I guess I agree! There's quite a lot more vegan food to try and places to go in Hong Kong and Mum & I feel that it's worth another visit. 

Macau on the other hand...maybe not. I thought that the casino would be fun. I traded in my personal info for HK$38 at Casino Taipa (below our hotel, Regency Art Hotel) lol and used it at the slots machine... nope that wasn't fun. If I go back it'll just be for Blissful Carrot haha ^^; 

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