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Hong Kong & Macau // Po Lin Monastery + Pou Tai Un Monastery Restaurant

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We ate at a temple in Hong Kong (Po Lin Monastery) and another temple in Macau (Pou Tai Un Monastery).

✧ Po Lin Monastery 
Po Lin Monastery is on Lantau Island, which can be accessed by going to Tung Chung MTR and taking a cable car.

It's a 5.7km long journey. The ride is like 30-40+ mins I think!

They have a Crystal cabin (HK$255 both ways) where the cable car floor is transparent. We took the Standard car (HK$185 both ways) which was quite scary too lol

Ngong Ping Village is very touristy but still quite pretty!

Po Lin Monastery is at the end - you can see the Buddha statue.

We stopped by for beancurd made with 'natural mountain water'

I think it was HK$10 or HK$15 per bowl? I got the black sesame paste. It all tasted quite normal haha

We climbed up this gigantic flight of stairs and the view was great at the top (see first photo)!

Before climbing up we bought meal tickets at the booth to the right of the foot of the stairs.

We got the Deluxe meal which is HK$138/pax. Which is like S$25 - quite expensive!

So after climbing back down we went to eat. Actually the lighting outside is pretty good and there's a booth selling snacks & finger food too! So I was semi-regretting having the deluxe meal indoors lol

You don't get to choose and they just serve you the dishes based on the number of people at your table I think. If there are more people there'll be more dishes so you can try more types. When there are fewer people you get a smaller variety and smaller portions.

So this is what we got! Considering that 4 of us were eating and this costs about S$100 it's quite pricey...? It was super filling though! We ate a few pieces of each dish already by the way, and the soup in the small bowl on the right came in a generous bowl. 

The food wasn't too bad - no mock meat used surprisingly! The yellow dish on the top right is lemony beancurd skin which reminds me of lemon chicken and was pretty good. I also liked the grey dish at the left which is fried lotus root with glutinous rice in the middle!

I wouldn't mind going back to Ngong Ping Village and Po Lin Monastery but probably wouldn't get the Deluxe meal next time haha. Mum said that at least we satisfied our curiosity of what the deluxe meal is like lol ^^;

✧ Pou Tai Un Monastery 
In Macau, we stayed at Regency Art Hotel and this monastery was like 5-10 mins away by walking.

We entered from the back of the monastery and it was weird and deserted lolol but thankfully we managed to find this restaurant! It's called Xin Yuan or Sum Yuen. This was the only fully veg place we went to in Macau because the places I wanted to go to were closed T.T

It was lunchtime on a Monday and it was very empty.

We got this tofu dish which was yummy! Somehow I didn't take photos of the menu so I can't remember what it's called and how much it costs :(

Fried vermicelli noodles.

We also had mock meat, soup, and buns. The buns were disappointing (too much bread) but everything else was pretty good! They have dairy (and/or egg? I can't remember) in some dishes so check before ordering.

By the way I was so confused when I saw the photo of the mock meat in the menu haha like is this really a veg restaurant ??

Price was reasonable and it was declared the best meal we had in Macau (I wasn't the one who said this) - and it was already our second last day lol

Pou Tai Un Monastery Sum Yuen Veg Restaurant
5 Estrada Lou Lim Leok
Ground floor
Taipa, Macau

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