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Hong Kong // Three Virtues Veg Restaurant + Veggie SF

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✧ Three Virtues Veg Restaurant 
Three Virtues Veg Restaurant has 2 branches, one in North Point and one in Jordan. We went to the latter one after some shopping at Ladies Market and Fa Yuen Street Market (nothing much worth buying)

Sorry for all the ugly photos in this post heh

On the first floor of JD Mall there's this small takeaway stall.

Really affordable - prices starting at HK$5 (S$0.90)! Also most importantly the items names are in English too lol

The restaurant is on the 4th floor.

Mum & I went (the rest went to eat meat lol) around 3pm and it was still pretty crowded!
Anyway this is probably the second place I was most excited to try (1st was Loving Hut) because DIM SUM who doesn't like dim sum

Menu is all in Chinese. I don't think there was an English one? Lol my Chinese reading skills suck so I got Mum to read it for me T.T

Those in the box on the top are the dim sum. The large, medium & small size are all HK$17 each but the specials (1st 5 on the left) are HK$26 each.

Those at the bottom are noodles, fried rice and porridge etc! A neighbouring table ordered the second last one on the right (I think) and it looked super good! Too bad we didn't have stomach space.

Here's what we got! It took a while to be served though so the dishes on the left are partially eaten lol

The one on the left is Fried Carrot Cake HK$17 (in the menu it's the last one in the middle column) and the one on the right is Fried Chee Cheong Fun HK$26 (4th item, 1st column)

The fried carrot cake was really good! We were at Tim Ho Wan for breakfast that day and Mum and Dad (he came to eat our leftovers hahaha) agreed that this tasted better - which is surprising because this vegan version lacks the tiny fried shrimp which is supposed to add flavour?

This fried chee cheong fun was recommended by Dad's veg friend who loves it. He normally has it at the North Point branch so maybe it's kinda different? Mum & I didn't like it.. it was like oily and tasteless :(

If you didn't know, chee cheong fun is 猪肠粉 or simply 肠粉. Literal translation is pig intestine noodle but it means rice noodle roll! You can order  su4 chang2 at many places and it's always vegan as far as I know!

The buns on the left are Mushroom 'Chicken' Baos HK$17 (2nd item, 3rd column) and the one on the right are 'Prawn' Dumplings HK$26 (5th item, 1st column). 

Nothing really spectacular about these and I think there are better items worth eating!

THIS. Mum talks about this to everyone who asks about out trip lol!

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao HK$17 (3rd item, 2nd column)

Y'know I can't remember what the texture and taste of xlb is. Mum says this is shockingly realistic though! I thought the meat is normally firmer but apparently it's mushy? It's shortcoming is that there's just a tiny bit of soup though! But still, it's amazing wow how do they do it

Overall, it's definitely worth coming for the xiao long bao and fried carrot cake! There are probably other yummy items too - would love to go back!! If only they'll open a branch in Singapore T.T

九龍彌敦道233-239號佐敦薈4樓及地下 D舖
(佐敦 C1出口)
Shop D, G/F & 4/F, JD Mall, 
233-239 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon
Tel: 3622 1888 Fax: 3622 1833

✧ Veggie SF 
Veggie SF is an expensive Western/International cuisine restaurant modelled after a San Francisco diner (hence the name). It's 100% vegan since 2016! There's a minimum spending of HK$150 (about S$28) per person.

We went with 2 of Dad's friends who recommended this place - they've been here a few times even though they're not vegan/vego!

We ordered a main and it's and additional HK$58 for a combo meal which includes a soup and a drink. The soup of the day is tomato soup - it tasted really fresh and nothing like Campbell's!

For starters we had the Korean Spicy Salad HK$78

And the Garlic Herb Grilled Portobello HK$88

I can't remember what they taste like now but my impression is that both were really good!

Light Combo HK$138

Seemed really fresh and healthy and not as light as it sounds!

Fisherman's Wharf HK$168

I saw on Instagram that many people order this! If I remember correctly, the 'fish' patty tasted better  than most I've tried!

Trip to Bali HK$158

I wanted the All Day Breakfast but they were out :( This was not bad but not like spectacular? Hmm. Like every part of this dish was good but not something I'll go back for.

As part of the set I also got the non-alcoholic beer (usual price HK$48). I thought bitterness comes from alcohol but for this alcohol-less beer it was really bitter!

Overall, I don't think that Veggie SF is a place that I'll go back to eat at. Actually 50% of the reason is that it's so dark and I don't like eating at dark places. So maybe lunch would be more enjoyable haha. 30% because I was (and I'm still) very partial to Chinese food (after 10 months in Australia lol). 20% because it's expensive (not like I paid but still).

So if you want a break from Chinese food and aren't fussed about the price then this is probably a suitable place to go to! Food quality and service is definitely good!

10/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Mon - Sat 12nn-2.30pm 6-9pm
Reservations recommended

A random addition:
After Three Virtues Veg we had some time to spare before going to Veggie SF. I wanted to go to MANA Fast Slow Food but it was kinda crowded :/

This is super cute though!

So we got a drink at this place opposite called Kasa - not a veg place, serves meat. I had the almond milk (I was expecting the Western type but it's the Chinese almond lol), mum had the soymilk. The pudding at the front isn't vegan. I thick-skinly asked if I could keep the bottle but now I regret keeping it because I've not used it yet haha.

We sat upstairs and the whole shop was so quiet lol. The decor was retro and pretty! A good place to rest your legs heh

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