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Kitchen Appliances Review

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I'm the only one using these appliances in my house lol ^^

Zojirushi Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker BB-HAQ10

I wanted a bread maker a few years ago - however, the model I was eyeing was a Kenwood one which is sleek but too large for my kitchen counter. Recently Mum said that she was tired of store-bought bread. She did some research and found this! Its usual price is about $300+ I think, but we bought a secondhand one on Carousell for $150 yay

It's probably one of the smallest breadmakers in the market. Nonetheless there's still no permanent space on my kitchen counter but it's quite easy to lift off and on using the handle!

I've been baking bread about every other day. It's super simple - just throw in the ingredients and 2 or 3 hours later it's done! The hole at the bottom (for the blade) isn't too big either. My parents like soft bread so I've only ever used the Soft setting or Light Crust (for quick baking). I've also not tried making pizza dough/cake/jam with it, maybe next time!

I'll be writing a separate post on breadmaking with this breadmaker (hopefully soonish)
Edit: link to the post is here

EuropAce Air Fryer 3.2L EAF332Q

Bought this for $69 at Megatex! It was one of the hourly deals. Those where a salesperson announces prices while aunties and uncles crowd around. I was one of those aunties lol. Original price $98 according to their website! The Phillips one is $300+ but I don't know how it compares. This works like how I expect it to work though haha. It's basically like a small oven but it's faster and things are crispier? I've yet to try baking cake with it...does it come out crispier too? Haha

I used this to airfry dumplings and Mountain Bread crackers for Chinese New Year reunion dinners and it worked really well!

Bosch MCM4200 800W

Out of these 5 appliances, I feel that this is the most dependable and indispensable one! I use it primarily for nice cream, and for this I use the food processor part. I rarely use the blender jug because I make my smoothies mostly in the food processor too!

It comes with several other parts including a dough hook and a citrus press but I've not tried them. Also I've completely forgotten about the existence of side drawer (built within the base) - I just realised that it's there because I had to google to check the model name lol 

Nice cream turns out really smooth and creamy!

Tefal Blendforce Glass 500W

Before the Bosch food processor/blender, I used this. It comes with a glass blender jug and a mini chopper. It was my first blender and I got this because glass should be better than plastic right? But then because the bottom of the blender and the chopper are removable, on multiple times it came loose and the contents spilled out :( I'm really sure that I closed it properly too! 

Another issue was that black things started appearing where the blade turns, at the side touching the food. It's like the motor oil or something eww

Dole Yoyonas Frozen Dessert Maker

This was passed to me by a friend who bought it and lost interest in using it. I tried it twice and I think that my food processor does a better job! The inner blades of the Yoyonas are also kinda tricky to clean! I don't think this is really worth buying - in stores maybe it's sold for $90 but on Carousell it's like $20 lol

These last two appliances have been sitting in my storeroom like white elephants. But not really elephants because they're pretty worthless.

Overall, the Bosch food processor, Zojirushi breadmaker and EuropAce air fryer are good buys but I need to explore more of their functions!

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