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Singapore // 33 Vegetarian (Chicken Rice) + Circuit Road Hawker Centre + T1 Staff Canteen

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Hawker centre/food court food:

33 Vegetarian
Mum & I went all the way to Ang Moh Kio (took us an hour) just to eat here haha

33 Vegetarian specialises in veg chicken rice!!

They have so many options but we decided to get the set meal (A) and the steamed 'chicken' rice (C).

The set meal (A) costs $6.80 and comes with steamed chicken, roasted chicken, stir fried veg, achar and radish soup. The steamed chicken rice (C) costs just $3!

What made me want to eat here was the steamed 'chicken' - I first saw a post on this from cq_veggiefinds on Instagram and the steamed 'chicken' was intriguing because I've only had the roasted kind (made of taukee) before!

I really like that the set comes in this style haha! My only dislike here is that the veggies were too oily. The chili was pretty interesting - it was sour and lime-y. Pretty nice especially since it makes up for the flavour lost when omitting onion and garlic! 

33 Vegetarian
#01-33, 409A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 561409
Mon 11am-8pm
Tue 11am-6pm
Thur-Sun 11am-8pm

Circuit Road Hawker Centre
My first time at this hawker centre and maybe about half of the stalls here are veg! We were there for lunch which wasn't really the best time to go since several veg stalls like Victor Veggie weren't open yet. I can't remember the stalls we ordered these from or the prices oops. We had tauhu goreng, fried carrot cake (no egg), dry noodles and chicken rice. And soy chendol drink from Soygood which was pretty nice - they said they don't use milk. The rest of the food was pretty average.. Next time I eat here I'll make sure to go for dinner.

Circuit Road Food Centre
79A Circuit Rd Singapore 371079 

T1 Staff Canteen
Ate here for my last meal in SG and it's at Basement 1 of Terminal 1 (take a lift down from behind the AirAsia check-in counters). Dad brought us here because he had eaten a veg chicken rice here before lol (not that I really wanted more chicken rice). But since then the veg stall has been replaced by another veg stall.. and it was closing when we arrived. So I just had chwee kueh and chee cheong fun from another stall! I've actually been looking around hawker centres for chwee kueh but most don't have it, especially the veg kind where they don't cook the chye poh with lard. This wasn't as fluffy as I'd like but it was something!

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